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De-fund Rioters

We The People demand action.

If you agree, send the below letter to your Representative now. Act fast.

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Legislative Bill Watch

Below are links to Updating Spreadsheets which will display results of the search terms “Firearm” and “E-Verify” on the respective State and Federal Senate Websites. Go to Legislative Bill Watch Add this post or any of the Bill Watches to your desktop or bookmark them for very easy access to the bills you would like […]

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Interstate 2nd Amendment Compact

Thank you Guns & Gadgets for this video. Take a look at Mississippi House Bill 753.

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Florida HB274 Supports Constitutional Carry

This bill would bring us a step closer towards Constitutional Carry. Read the bill on the FL Senate website here… …or download the PDF of the bill here. It’s important for us to vote and create awareness of the bill’s running across our representatives’ desks.