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Second Amendment Sanctuary Initiative SASI

The 2nd Amendment is in fact a Natural Right, Not a Privilege…
Use the Email Form Below to send a message to your County Commissioners, Sheriff, and Local Legislators:

Florida, We Stand Together

We must let our Legislators and our Law Enforcement know that we stand with them, so long as they uphold the Constitution of the United States and protect us from tyranny.

2A Sanctuary Counties

Map of Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties provided by
Map of Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties provided by

Declare Your County a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary

Use the Email Form Below to send a message to your County Commissioners, Sheriff, and Local Legislators:

Second Amendment Sanctuary Initiative (SASI) - FLORIDA

The below form sends the above letter to:

  • your County Commissioners
    • to show them what we want for our County
  • your Senator
    • to show them, well before this reaches their desk, that we and other constituents have been in contact with our Commissioners
  • All Florida Representatives
    • for further accountability
  • your Sheriff/LEO
    • to show them that we stand with them
    • to provide additional accountability
    • to show law enforcement that rightful firearm owners stand with them if they reject unconstitutional enforcement

    Brave Patriot, many will not take this step. We count on you!


    Declare Your County a Second Amendment Sanctuary

    Download it if you want to fill it out on your own:

    Counties Who Have Resolved in Favor of the People

    Below listed are links to the PDF image of the Resolutions which were sent to me as a reply to your emails:

    Marion County

    Sumter County

    Here are some other forms which you may want to fill & send.

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