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Independent Journalist Millie Weaver was indicted by a GRAND JURY one day after releasing THIS video on the HUGE government scandal, now known as “Shadowgate”. This video is being censored on mainstream social media. See it here.

Well, this is interesting…

You can also watch it here if the embed above goes down.

The video is being banned and deleted from all major social media websites. Obviously, someone doesn’t want you to see it!

Let your Representatives know what you think:

US Senate: 116th Congress - Contact Form Links
Report Changes
State Name Party Contact Form
AK Murkowski, Lisa R
AK Sullivan, Dan R
AL Jones, Doug D
AL Shelby, Richard C. R
AR Boozman, John R
AR Cotton, Tom R
AZ McSally, Martha R
AZ Sinema, Kyrsten D
CA Feinstein, Dianne D
CA Harris, Kamala D. D
CO Bennet, Michael F. D
CO Gardner, Cory R
CT Blumenthal, Richard D
CT Murphy, Christopher D
DE Carper, Thomas R. D
DE Coons, Christopher A. D
FL Rubio, Marco R
FL Scott, Rick R
GA Loeffler, Kelly R
GA Perdue, David R
HI Hirono, Mazie K. D
HI Schatz, Brian D
IA Ernst, Joni R
IA Grassley, Chuck R
ID Crapo, Mike R
ID Risch, James E. R
IL Duckworth, Tammy D
IL Durbin, Richard J. D
IN Braun, Mike R
IN Young, Todd R
KS Moran, Jerry R
KS Roberts, Pat R
KY McConnell, Mitch R
KY Paul, Rand R
LA Cassidy, Bill R
LA Kennedy, John R
MA Markey, Edward J. D
MA Warren, Elizabeth D
MD Cardin, Benjamin L. D
MD Van Hollen, Chris D
ME Collins, Susan M. R
ME King, Angus S., Jr. I
MI Peters, Gary C. D
MI Stabenow, Debbie D
MN Klobuchar, Amy D
MN Smith, Tina D
MO Blunt, Roy R
MO Hawley, Josh R
MS Hyde-Smith, Cindy R
MS Wicker, Roger F. R
MT Daines, Steve R
MT Tester, Jon D
NC Burr, Richard R
NC Tillis, Thom R
ND Cramer, Kevin R
ND Hoeven, John R
NE Fischer, Deb R
NE Sasse, Ben R
NH Hassan, Margaret Wood D
NH Shaheen, Jeanne D
NJ Booker, Cory A. D
NJ Menendez, Robert D
NM Heinrich, Martin D
NM Udall, Tom D
NV Cortez Masto, Catherine D
NV Rosen, Jacky D
NY Gillibrand, Kirsten E. D
NY Schumer, Charles E. D
OH Brown, Sherrod D
OH Portman, Rob R
OK Inhofe, James M. R
OK Lankford, James R
OR Merkley, Jeff D
OR Wyden, Ron D
PA Casey, Robert P., Jr. D
PA Toomey, Patrick J. R
RI Reed, Jack D
RI Whitehouse, Sheldon D
SC Graham, Lindsey R
SC Scott, Tim R
SD Rounds, Mike R
SD Thune, John R
TN Alexander, Lamar R
TN Blackburn, Marsha R
TX Cornyn, John R
TX Cruz, Ted R
UT Lee, Mike R
UT Romney, Mitt R
VA Kaine, Tim D
VA Warner, Mark R. D
VT Leahy, Patrick J. D
VT Sanders, Bernard I
WA Cantwell, Maria D
WA Murray, Patty D
WI Baldwin, Tammy D
WI Johnson, Ron R
WV Capito, Shelley Moore R
WV Manchin, Joe, III D
WY Barrasso, John R
WY Enzi, Michael B. R
US House of Representatives - Contact Form Links
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State District Name Party Contact Form
Alabama 1st Byrne, Bradley R
Alabama 2nd Roby, Martha R
Alabama 3rd Rogers, Mike R
Alabama 4th Aderholt, Robert R
Alabama 5th Brooks, Mo R
Alabama 6th Palmer, Gary R
Alabama 7th Sewell, Terri A. D
Alaska At Large Young, Don R
American Samoa Delegate Radewagen, Amata R
Arizona 1st O'Halleran, Tom D
Arizona 2nd Kirkpatrick, Ann D
Arizona 3rd Grijalva, Raul D
Arizona 4th Gosar, Paul A. R
Arizona 5th Biggs, Andy R
Arizona 6th Schweikert, David R
Arizona 7th Gallego, Ruben D
Arizona 8th Lesko, Debbie R
Arizona 9th Stanton, Greg D
Arkansas 1st Crawford, Rick R
Arkansas 2nd Hill, French R
Arkansas 3rd Womack, Steve R
Arkansas 4th Westerman, Bruce R
California 1st LaMalfa, Doug R
California 2nd Huffman, Jared D
California 3rd Garamendi, John D
California 4th McClintock, Tom R
California 5th Thompson, Mike D
California 6th Matsui, Doris O. D
California 7th Bera, Ami D
California 8th Cook, Paul R
California 9th McNerney, Jerry D
California 10th Harder, Josh D
California 11th DeSaulnier, Mark D
California 12th Pelosi, Nancy D
California 13th Lee, Barbara D
California 14th Speier, Jackie D
California 15th Swalwell, Eric D
California 16th Costa, Jim D
California 17th Khanna, Ro D
California 18th Eshoo, Anna G. D
California 19th Lofgren, Zoe D
California 20th Panetta, Jimmy D
California 21st Cox, TJ D
California 22nd Nunes, Devin R
California 23rd McCarthy, Kevin R
California 24th Carbajal, Salud D
California 25th Hill, Katie - Vacancy D VACANCY
California 26th Brownley, Julia D
California 27th Chu, Judy D
California 28th Schiff, Adam D
California 29th Cárdenas, Tony D
California 30th Sherman, Brad D
California 31st Aguilar, Pete D
California 32nd Napolitano, Grace D
California 33rd Lieu, Ted D
California 34th Gomez, Jimmy D
California 35th Torres, Norma D
California 36th Ruiz, Raul D
California 37th Bass, Karen D
California 38th Sánchez, Linda D
California 39th Cisneros, Gilbert Ray Jr. D
California 40th Roybal-Allard, Lucille D
California 41st Takano, Mark D
California 42nd Calvert, Ken R
California 43rd Waters, Maxine D
California 44th Barragán, Nanette D
California 45th Porter, Katie D
California 46th Correa, J. Luis D
California 47th Lowenthal, Alan D
California 48th Rouda, Harley D
California 49th Levin, Mike D
California 50th Hunter, Duncan - Vacancy R VACANCY
California 51st Vargas, Juan D
California 52nd Peters, Scott D
California 53rd Davis, Susan D
Colorado 1st DeGette, Diana D
Colorado 2nd Neguse, Joe D
Colorado 3rd Tipton, Scott R
Colorado 4th Buck, Ken R
Colorado 5th Lamborn, Doug R
Colorado 6th Crow, Jason D
Colorado 7th Perlmutter, Ed D
Connecticut 1st Larson, John B. D
Connecticut 2nd Courtney, Joe D
Connecticut 3rd DeLauro, Rosa L. D
Connecticut 4th Himes, Jim D
Connecticut 5th Hayes, Jahana D
Delaware At Large Blunt Rochester, Lisa D
District of Columbia Delegate Norton, Eleanor Holmes D
Florida 1st Gaetz, Matt R
Florida 2nd Dunn, Neal R
Florida 3rd Yoho, Ted R
Florida 4th Rutherford, John R
Florida 5th Lawson, Al D
Florida 6th Waltz, Michael R
Florida 7th Murphy, Stephanie D
Florida 8th Posey, Bill R
Florida 9th Soto, Darren D
Florida 10th Demings, Val D
Florida 11th Webster, Daniel R
Florida 12th Bilirakis, Gus M. R
Florida 13th Crist, Charlie D
Florida 14th Castor, Kathy D
Florida 15th Spano, Ross R
Florida 16th Buchanan, Vern R
Florida 17th Steube, W. Gregory R
Florida 18th Mast, Brian R
Florida 19th Rooney, Francis R
Florida 20th Hastings, Alcee L. D
Florida 21st Frankel, Lois D
Florida 22nd Deutch, Ted D
Florida 23rd Wasserman Schultz, Debbie D
Florida 24th Wilson, Frederica D
Florida 25th Diaz-Balart, Mario R
Florida 26th Mucarsel-Powell, Debbie D
Florida 27th Shalala, Donna E. D
Georgia 1st Carter, Buddy R
Georgia 2nd Bishop Jr., Sanford D. D
Georgia 3rd Ferguson, A. Drew R
Georgia 4th Johnson, Henry C. "Hank" Jr. D
Georgia 5th Lewis, John D
Georgia 6th McBath, Lucy D
Georgia 7th Woodall, Robert R
Georgia 8th Scott, Austin R
Georgia 9th Collins, Doug R
Georgia 10th Hice, Jody R
Georgia 11th Loudermilk, Barry R
Georgia 12th Allen, Rick R
Georgia 13th Scott, David D
Georgia 14th Graves, Tom R
Guam Delegate San Nicolas, Michael F. Q. D
Hawaii 1st Case, Ed D
Hawaii 2nd Gabbard, Tulsi D
Idaho 1st Fulcher, Russ R
Idaho 2nd Simpson, Mike R
Illinois 1st Rush, Bobby L. D
Illinois 2nd Kelly, Robin D
Illinois 3rd Lipinski, Daniel D
Illinois 4th García, Jesús "Chuy" D
Illinois 5th Quigley, Mike D
Illinois 6th Casten, Sean D
Illinois 7th Davis, Danny K. D
Illinois 8th Krishnamoorthi, Raja D
Illinois 9th Schakowsky, Jan D
Illinois 10th Schneider, Bradley D
Illinois 11th Foster, Bill D
Illinois 12th Bost, Mike R
Illinois 13th Davis, Rodney R
Illinois 14th Underwood, Lauren D
Illinois 15th Shimkus, John R
Illinois 16th Kinzinger, Adam R
Illinois 17th Bustos, Cheri D
Illinois 18th LaHood,Darin R
Indiana 1st Visclosky, Peter D
Indiana 2nd Walorski, Jackie R
Indiana 3rd Banks, Jim R
Indiana 4th Baird, James R
Indiana 5th Brooks, Susan W. R
Indiana 6th Pence, Greg R
Indiana 7th Carson, André D
Indiana 8th Bucshon, Larry R
Indiana 9th Hollingsworth, Trey R
Iowa 1st Finkenauer, Abby D
Iowa 2nd Loebsack, David D
Iowa 3rd Axne, Cynthia D
Iowa 4th King, Steve R
Kansas 1st Marshall, Roger R
Kansas 2nd Watkins, Steve R
Kansas 3rd Davids, Sharice D
Kansas 4th Estes, Ron R
Kentucky 1st Comer, James R
Kentucky 2nd Guthrie, S. Brett R
Kentucky 3rd Yarmuth, John A. D
Kentucky 4th Massie, Thomas R
Kentucky 5th Rogers, Harold R
Kentucky 6th Barr, Andy R
Louisiana 1st Scalise, Steve R
Louisiana 2nd Richmond, Cedric D
Louisiana 3rd Higgins, Clay R
Louisiana 4th Johnson, Mike R
Louisiana 5th Abraham, Ralph R
Louisiana 6th Graves, Garret R
Maine 1st Pingree, Chellie D
Maine 2nd Golden, Jared D
Maryland 1st Harris, Andy R
Maryland 2nd Ruppersberger, C. A. Dutch D
Maryland 3rd Sarbanes, John P. D
Maryland 4th Brown, Anthony D
Maryland 5th Hoyer, Steny H. D
Maryland 6th Trone, David D
Maryland 7th Cummings, Elijah E. - Vacancy D VACANCY
Maryland 8th Raskin, Jamie D
Massachusetts 1st Neal, Richard E. D
Massachusetts 2nd McGovern, James D
Massachusetts 3rd Trahan, Lori D
Massachusetts 4th Kennedy III, Joseph P. D
Massachusetts 5th Clark, Katherine D
Massachusetts 6th Moulton, Seth D
Massachusetts 7th Pressley, Ayanna D
Massachusetts 8th Lynch, Stephen F. D
Massachusetts 9th Keating, William D
Michigan 1st Bergman, Jack R
Michigan 2nd Huizenga, Bill R
Michigan 3rd Amash, Justin I
Michigan 4th Moolenaar, John R
Michigan 5th Kildee, Daniel D
Michigan 6th Upton, Fred R
Michigan 7th Walberg, Tim R
Michigan 8th Slotkin, Elissa D
Michigan 9th Levin, Andy D
Michigan 10th Mitchell, Paul R
Michigan 11th Stevens, Haley D
Michigan 12th Dingell, Debbie D
Michigan 13th Tlaib, Rashida D
Michigan 14th Lawrence, Brenda D
Minnesota 1st Hagedorn, Jim R
Minnesota 2nd Craig, Angie D
Minnesota 3rd Phillips, Dean D
Minnesota 4th McCollum, Betty D
Minnesota 5th Omar, Ilhan D
Minnesota 6th Emmer, Tom R
Minnesota 7th Peterson, Collin C. D
Minnesota 8th Stauber, Pete R
Mississippi 1st Kelly, Trent R
Mississippi 2nd Thompson, Bennie G. D
Mississippi 3rd Guest, Michael R
Mississippi 4th Palazzo, Steven R
Missouri 1st Clay Jr., William "Lacy" D
Missouri 2nd Wagner, Ann R
Missouri 3rd Luetkemeyer, Blaine R
Missouri 4th Hartzler, Vicky R
Missouri 5th Cleaver, Emanuel D
Missouri 6th Graves, Sam R
Missouri 7th Long, Billy R
Missouri 8th Smith, Jason R
Montana At Large Gianforte, Greg R
Nebraska 1st Fortenberry, Jeff R
Nebraska 2nd Bacon, Don R
Nebraska 3rd Smith, Adrian R
Nevada 1st Titus, Dina D
Nevada 2nd Amodei, Mark R
Nevada 3rd Lee, Susie D
Nevada 4th Horsford, Steven D
New Hampshire 1st Pappas, Chris D
New Hampshire 2nd Kuster, Ann D
New Jersey 1st Norcross, Donald D
New Jersey 2nd Van Drew, Jefferson R
New Jersey 3rd Kim, Andy D
New Jersey 4th Smith, Chris R
New Jersey 5th Gottheimer, Josh D
New Jersey 6th Pallone Jr., Frank D
New Jersey 7th Malinowski, Tom D
New Jersey 8th Sires, Albio D
New Jersey 9th Pascrell Jr., Bill D
New Jersey 10th Payne Jr., Donald D
New Jersey 11th Sherrill, Mikie D
New Jersey 12th Watson Coleman, Bonnie D
New Mexico 1st Haaland, Debra D
New Mexico 2nd Torres Small, Xochitl D
New Mexico 3rd Luján, Ben R. D
New York 1st Zeldin, Lee R
New York 2nd King, Pete R
New York 3rd Suozzi, Thomas D
New York 4th Rice, Kathleen D
New York 5th Meeks, Gregory W. D
New York 6th Meng, Grace D
New York 7th Velázquez, Nydia M. D
New York 8th Jeffries, Hakeem D
New York 9th Clarke, Yvette D. D
New York 10th Nadler, Jerrold D
New York 11th Rose, Max D
New York 12th Maloney, Carolyn D
New York 13th Espaillat, Adriano D
New York 14th Ocasio-Cortez, Alexandria D
New York 15th Serrano, José E. D
New York 16th Engel, Eliot D
New York 17th Lowey, Nita D
New York 18th Maloney, Sean Patrick D
New York 19th Delgado, Antonio D
New York 20th Tonko, Paul D. D
New York 21st Stefanik, Elise R
New York 22nd Brindisi, Anthony D
New York 23rd Reed, Tom R
New York 24th Katko, John R
New York 25th Morelle, Joseph D
New York 26th Higgins, Brian D
New York 27th Collins, Chris - Vacancy R VACANCY
North Carolina 1st Butterfield, G.K. D
North Carolina 2nd Holding, George R
North Carolina 3rd Murphy, Gregory Francis R
North Carolina 4th Price, David D
North Carolina 5th Foxx, Virginia R
North Carolina 6th Walker, Mark R
North Carolina 7th Rouzer, David R
North Carolina 8th Hudson, Richard R
North Carolina 9th Bishop, Dan R
North Carolina 10th McHenry, Patrick T. R
North Carolina 11th Meadows, Mark - Vacancy R
North Carolina 12th Adams, Alma D
North Carolina 13th Budd, Ted R
North Dakota At Large Armstrong, Kelly R
Northern Mariana Islands Delegate Sablan, Gregorio D
Ohio 1st Chabot, Steve R
Ohio 2nd Wenstrup, Brad R
Ohio 3rd Beatty, Joyce D
Ohio 4th Jordan, Jim R
Ohio 5th Latta, Robert E. R
Ohio 6th Johnson, Bill R
Ohio 7th Gibbs, Bob R
Ohio 8th Davidson, Warren R
Ohio 9th Kaptur, Marcy D
Ohio 10th Turner, Michael R
Ohio 11th Fudge, Marcia L. D
Ohio 12th Balderson, Troy R
Ohio 13th Ryan, Tim D
Ohio 14th Joyce, David R
Ohio 15th Stivers, Steve R
Ohio 16th Gonzalez, Anthony R
Oklahoma 1st Hern, Kevin R
Oklahoma 2nd Mullin, Markwayne R
Oklahoma 3rd Lucas, Frank R
Oklahoma 4th Cole, Tom R
Oklahoma 5th Horn, Kendra D
Oregon 1st Bonamici, Suzanne D
Oregon 2nd Walden, Greg R
Oregon 3rd Blumenauer, Earl D
Oregon 4th DeFazio, Peter D
Oregon 5th Schrader, Kurt D
Pennsylvania 1st Fitzpatrick, Brian R
Pennsylvania 2nd Boyle, Brendan D
Pennsylvania 3rd Evans, Dwight D
Pennsylvania 4th Dean, Madeleine D
Pennsylvania 5th Scanlon, Mary Gay D
Pennsylvania 6th Houlahan, Chrissy D
Pennsylvania 7th Wild, Susan D
Pennsylvania 8th Cartwright, Matt D
Pennsylvania 9th Meuser, Daniel R
Pennsylvania 10th Perry, Scott R
Pennsylvania 11th Smucker, Lloyd R
Pennsylvania 12th Keller, Fred R
Pennsylvania 13th Joyce, John R
Pennsylvania 14th Reschenthaler, Guy R
Pennsylvania 15th Thompson, Glenn R
Pennsylvania 16th Kelly, Mike R
Pennsylvania 17th Lamb, Conor D
Pennsylvania 18th Doyle, Michael D
Puerto Rico Resident Commissioner González-Colón, Jenniffer R
Rhode Island 1st Cicilline, David D
Rhode Island 2nd Langevin, Jim D
South Carolina 1st Cunningham, Joe D
South Carolina 2nd Wilson, Joe R
South Carolina 3rd Duncan, Jeff R
South Carolina 4th Timmons, William R
South Carolina 5th Norman, Ralph R
South Carolina 6th Clyburn, James E. D
South Carolina 7th Rice, Tom R
South Dakota At Large Johnson, Dusty R
Tennessee 1st Roe, Phil R
Tennessee 2nd Burchett, Tim R
Tennessee 3rd Fleischmann, Chuck R
Tennessee 4th DesJarlais, Scott R
Tennessee 5th Cooper, Jim D
Tennessee 6th Rose, John W. R
Tennessee 7th Green, Mark R
Tennessee 8th Kustoff, David R
Tennessee 9th Cohen, Steve D
Texas 1st Gohmert, Louie R
Texas 2nd Crenshaw, Dan R
Texas 3rd Taylor, Van R
Texas 4th Ratcliffe, John R
Texas 5th Gooden, Lance R
Texas 6th Wright, Ron R
Texas 7th Fletcher, Lizzie D
Texas 8th Brady, Kevin R
Texas 9th Green, Al D
Texas 10th McCaul, Michael T. R
Texas 11th Conaway, K. Michael R
Texas 12th Granger, Kay R
Texas 13th Thornberry, Mac R
Texas 14th Weber, Randy R
Texas 15th Gonzalez, Vicente D
Texas 16th Escobar, Veronica D
Texas 17th Flores, Bill R
Texas 18th Jackson Lee, Sheila D
Texas 19th Arrington, Jodey R
Texas 20th Castro, Joaquin D
Texas 21st Roy, Chip R
Texas 22nd Olson, Pete R
Texas 23rd Hurd, Will R
Texas 24th Marchant, Kenny R
Texas 25th Williams, Roger R
Texas 26th Burgess, Michael R
Texas 27th Cloud, Michael R
Texas 28th Cuellar, Henry D
Texas 29th Garcia, Sylvia D
Texas 30th Johnson, Eddie Bernice D
Texas 31st Carter, John R
Texas 32nd Allred, Colin D
Texas 33rd Veasey, Marc D
Texas 34th Vela, Filemon D
Texas 35th Doggett, Lloyd D
Texas 36th Babin, Brian R
Utah 1st Bishop, Rob R
Utah 2nd Stewart, Chris R
Utah 3rd Curtis, John R. R
Utah 4th McAdams, Ben D
Vermont At Large Welch, Peter D
Virgin Islands Delegate Plaskett, Stacey D
Virginia 1st Wittman, Robert J. R
Virginia 2nd Luria, Elaine D
Virginia 3rd Scott, Robert C. D
Virginia 4th McEachin, A. Donald D
Virginia 5th Riggleman, Denver R
Virginia 6th Cline, Ben R
Virginia 7th Spanberger, Abigail D
Virginia 8th Beyer, Don D
Virginia 9th Griffith, Morgan R
Virginia 10th Wexton, Jennifer D
Virginia 11th Connolly, Gerald E. "Gerry" D
Washington 1st DelBene, Suzan D
Washington 2nd Larsen, Rick D
Washington 3rd Herrera Beutler, Jaime R
Washington 4th Newhouse, Dan R
Washington 5th Rodgers, Cathy McMorris R
Washington 6th Kilmer, Derek D
Washington 7th Jayapal, Pramila D
Washington 8th Schrier, Kim D
Washington 9th Smith, Adam D
Washington 10th Heck, Denny D
West Virginia 1st McKinley, David R
West Virginia 2nd Mooney, Alex R
West Virginia 3rd Miller, Carol R
Wisconsin 1st Steil, Bryan R
Wisconsin 2nd Pocan, Mark D
Wisconsin 3rd Kind, Ron D
Wisconsin 4th Moore, Gwen D
Wisconsin 5th Sensenbrenner, F. James R
Wisconsin 6th Grothman, Glenn R
Wisconsin 7th Duffy, Sean P. - Vacancy R VACANCY
Wisconsin 8th Gallagher, Mike R
Wyoming At Large Cheney, Liz R
US Governors Office Contact Form Links
Report Changes
State Name Contact Form
Alabama Ivey, Kay
Alaska Dunleavy, Mike
American Samoa Moliga, Lolo Matalasi
Arizona Ducey, Doug
Arkansas Hutchinson, Asa
California Newsom, Gavin
Colorado Polis, Jared
Connecticut Lamont, Ned
Delaware Carney, John
Florida DeSantis, Ron
Georgia Kemp, Brian
Guam Leon Guerrero, Lou
Hawaii Ige, David
Idaho Little, Brad
Illinois Pritzker, JB
Indiana Holcomb, Eric
Iowa Reynolds, Kim
Kansas Kelly, Laura
Kentucky Beshear, Andy
Louisiana Edwards, John Bel
Maine Mills, Janet
Maryland Hogan, Larry
Massachusetts Baker, Charlie
Michigan Whitmer, Gretchen
Minnesota Walz, Tim
Mississippi Reeves, Tate
Missouri Parson, Mike
Montana Bullock, Steve
Nebraska Ricketts, Pete
Nevada Sisolak, Steve
New Hampshire Sununu, Chris
New Jersey Murphy, Phil
New Mexico Lujan Grisham, Michelle
New York Cuomo, Andrew
North Carolina Cooper, Roy
North Dakota Burgum, Doug
Northern Mariana Islands Torres, Ralph Deleon Guerrero
Ohio DeWine, Mike
Oklahoma Stitt, Kevin
Oregon Brown, Kate
Pennsylvania Wolf, Tom
Puerto Rico Vazquez Garced, Wanda
Rhode Island Raimondo, Gina
South Carolina McMaster, Henry
South Dakota Noem, Kristi
Tennessee Lee, Bill
Texas Abbott, Greg
Utah Herbert, Gary
Vermont Scott, Phil
Virginia Northam, Ralph
Virgin Islands Bryan, Albert
Washington Inslee, Jay
West Virginia Justice, Jim
Wisconsin Evers, Tony
Wyoming Gordon, Mark
US Mayors List by State
St City Mayor's Name Phone Email Address
AK Anchorage Ethan Berkowitz 907-343-7100
AK Fairbanks Jim Matherly 907-459-6793
AK Juneau Beth Weldon 907-586-5240
AL Alabaster Marty Handlon 205-664-6804
AL Bessemer Kenneth E. Gulley 205-481-1138
AL Birmingham Randall Woodfin 205-254-2277
AL Dothan Mark Saliba 334-615-3110
AL Fairhope Karin Wilson 251-990-0100
AL Gadsden Sherman Guyton 256-549-4500
AL Hoover Frank V. Brocato 205-444-7510
AL Madison Paul Finley 256-772-5600
AL Mobile William 'Sandy' S. Stimpson 251-208-7395
AL Montgomery Steven Reed 334-625-2000
AL Opelika Gary Fuller 334-705-5150
AL Phenix City Eddie N. Lowe 334-448-2701
AL Prattville William 'Bill' W. Gillespie Jr. 334-361-3609
AL Tuscaloosa Walter Maddox 205-248-5001
AL Vestavia Hills Ashley C. Curry 205-978-0130
AR Bella Vista Peter Christie
AR Benton Tom Farmer 501-776-5906
AR Bentonville Stephanie Orman 479-271-3112
AR Conway Bart Castleberry 501-450-6110
AR Fayetteville Lioneld Jordan 479-575-8330
AR Fort Smith George B. McGill 479-784-2437
AR Hot Springs Pat McCabe 501-276-1409
AR Jonesboro Harold Perrin 870-932-1052
AR Little Rock Frank D. Scott Jr. 501-371-4744
AR North Little Rock Joe A. Smith 501-975-8601
AR Pine Bluff Shirley Washington 870-730-2000
AR Rogers Greg Hines 479-621-1117
AR Sherwood Virginia Hillman Young 501-835-6620
AR Springdale Doug Sprouse 479-750-8114
AR Texarkana Allen L. Brown 870-773-1923
AZ Apache Junction Jeff Serdy 480-474-5066
AZ Avondale Kenn Weise 623-333-1917
AZ Buckeye Jackie A. Meck 623-349-6949
AZ Bullhead City Tom Brady 928-763-0122
AZ Casa Grande Craig McFarland 520-421-8600
AZ Chandler Kevin Hartke 480-782-2200
AZ El Mirage Alexis Hermosillo 623-876-2924
AZ Flagstaff Coral Evans 928-774-5281
AZ Gilbert Jenn Daniels 480-503-6860
AZ Glendale Jerry Weiers 623-930-2260
AZ Goodyear Georgia Lord 623-882-7776
AZ Lake Havasu City Cal Sheehy 928-453-4152
AZ Marana Ed Honea 520-382-1999
AZ Maricopa Christian Price 520-316-6828
AZ Mesa John Giles 480-644-2388
AZ Oro Valley Joe Winfield 520-229-4991
AZ Peoria Cathy Carlat 623-773-7306
AZ Phoenix Kate Gallego 602-262-7111
AZ Prescott Greg Mengarelli 928-777-1100
AZ Prescott Valley Kell Palguta 928-759-3000
AZ Queen Creek Gail Barney 480-987-9887
AZ San Luis Gerardo 'Jerry' Sanchez 928-341-8520
AZ Scottsdale W.J. 'Jim' Lane 480-312-2433
AZ Sierra Vista Rick Mueller 520-458-3315
AZ Surprise Skip Hall 623-222-1300
AZ Tempe Mark W. Mitchell 480-350-8793
AZ Tucson Regina Romero 520-791-4201
AZ Yuma Douglas J. Nicholls 928-373-5002
CA Adelanto Gabriel Reyes 760-998-4123
CA Alameda Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft 510-747-4745
CA Alhambra Ross J. Maza 626-570-5010
CA Aliso Viejo Mike Munzing 949-425-2510
CA Anaheim Harry Sidhu 714-765-5247
CA Antioch Sean Wright 925-757-3309
CA Arcadia April Verlato 626-574-5403
CA Artesia Victor Manalo 562-865-6262
CA Atascadero Heather Moreno 805-470-3400
CA Atwater Paul Creighton 209-357-6300
CA Azusa Robert Gonzales 626-812-5243
CA Bakersfield Karen K. Goh 661-326-3770
CA Baldwin Park Manuel Lozano 626-813-5201
CA Banning Daniela Andrade 951-237-2525
CA Bell Ali Saleh 323-588-6211
CA Bell Gardens Alejandra Cortez 562-806-7700
CA Bellflower Juan Garza 562-804-1424
CA Berkeley Jesse Arreguin 510-981-7100
CA Beverly Hills Lester Friedman 310-285-1013
CA Brea Marty Simonoff 714-990-7700
CA Buena Park Fred Smith 714-562-3754
CA Burbank Sharon Springer 818-238-5750
CA Burlingame Emily Beach 650-558-7200
CA Calabasas Alicia Weintraub 818-224-1605
CA Calexico Bill Hodge 760-768-2110
CA Calistoga Chris Canning 707-815-2105
CA Camarillo Tony Trembley 805-388-5307
CA Campbell Susan M. Landry 408-866-2130
CA Carlsbad Matt Hall 760-434-2830
CA Carson Albert Robles 310-952-1700
CA Cathedral City Gregory S. Pettis 760-770-0342
CA Ceres Chris Vierra 209-538-5692
CA Cerritos Naresh Solanki 562-860-0311
CA Chico Randall Stone 530-895-4811
CA Chino Eunice M. Ulloa 909-591-9804
CA Chino Hills Art Bennett 909-364-2620
CA Chula Vista Mary Casillas Salas 619-691-5044
CA Citrus Heights Jeff Slowey 916-725-2448
CA Claremont Larry Schroeder 909-399-5444
CA Clovis Drew Bessinger 559-324-2060
CA Coachella Steven Hernandez 760-398-3502
CA Colton Frank J. Navarro 909-370-5059
CA Compton Aja Brown 310-605-5585
CA Corona Jim Steiner 951-736-2370
CA Coronado Richard Bailey 619-522-7335
CA Costa Mesa Katrina Foley 714-754-5285
CA Covina Victor Linares 626-384-5410
CA Cudahy Jose R. Gonzalez 323-773-5143
CA Culver City Goran Eriksson 310-559-6015
CA Cupertino Steven Scharf 408-777-3191
CA Cypress Rob Johnson 714-229-6699
CA Daly City Glenn R. Sylvester 650-991-8008
CA Dana Point Richard A. Viczorek 949-248-3500
CA Davis Brett Lee 530-757-5602
CA Delano Joe Aguirre 661-721-3303
CA Diamond Bar Steve Tye 909-839-7010
CA Downey Blanca Pacheco 562-904-7274
CA East Palo Alto Lisa Yarborough-Gauthier 650-853-3100
CA Eastvale Brandon Plott 951-361-0900
CA El Cajon Bill Wells 619-441-1788
CA El Centro Efrain Silva 760-337‐3211
CA El Monte Andre Quintero 626-580-2001
CA Elk Grove Steve Ly 916-478-2279
CA Emeryville John J Bauters
CA Encinitas Catherine S. Blakespear 760-633-2624
CA Escondido Paul 'Mac' McNamara 760-839-4610
CA Fairfield Harry T. Price 707-428-7395
CA Folsom Sarah Aquino 916-798-5380
CA Fontana Acquanetta Warren 909-350-7601
CA Foster City Catherine Mahanpour 650-286-3501
CA Fountain Valley Cheryl Brothers 714-593-4403
CA Fremont Lily Mei 510-284-4011
CA Fresno Lee Brand 559-621-8000
CA Fullerton Jennifer Fitzgerald 714-738-6311
CA Garden Grove Steven R. Jones 714-741-5104
CA Gardena Tasha Cerda 310-217-9507
CA Gilroy Roland Velasco 408-710-8508
CA Glendora Michael Allawos 626-914-8200
CA Goleta Paula Perotte 805-961-7536
CA Hanford John Draxler 559-967-6630
CA Hawthorne Alex Vargas 310-349-2908
CA Hayward Barbara Halliday 510-583-4340
CA Hemet Russ Brown 951-765-2300
CA Hermosa Beach Mary Campbell 310-214-0048
CA Hesperia Larry Bird 760-947-1030
CA Highland Larry McCallon 909-864-6861
CA Hollister Ignacio Velazquez 831-905-3720
CA Huntington Beach Lyn Semeta 714-536-5553
CA Huntington Park Manuel 'Manny' Avila 323-582-6161
CA Imperial Beach Serge Dedina 619-623-5975
CA Indio Glenn Miller 760-391-4015
CA Inglewood James T. Butts Jr. 310-412-5300
CA Irvine Christina L. Shea 949-724-6233
CA Jurupa Valley Anthony Kelly Jr. 951-332-6464
CA La Habra Tom Beamish 562-383-4000
CA La Mesa Mark Arapostathis 619-667-1100
CA La Mirada John Lewis 562-943-0131
CA La Puente Charlie Klinakis 626-926-0821
CA La Quinta Linda Evans 760-777-7030
CA La Verne Tim Hepburn 714-981-7973
CA Laguna Hills Janine Heft 949-707-2610
CA Laguna Niguel Laurie Davies 949-362-4315
CA Lake Elsinore Brian Tisdale 951-674-3124
CA Lake Forest Neeki Moatazedi 949-461-3400
CA Lawndale Robert Pullen-Miles 310-973-3214
CA Lincoln Dan Karleskint 916-434-2490
CA Livermore John P. Marchand 925-960-4020
CA Lodi Doug Kuehne 209-333-6800
CA Lomita Mark Waronek 310-325-7110
CA Lompoc Jenelle Osborne 805-736-1261
CA Los Altos Jan Pepper 650-947-2720
CA Los Angeles Eric Garcetti 213-978-0600
CA Los Banos Mike Villalta 209-827-2425
CA Los Gatos Marcia Jensen 408-354-6801
CA Lynwood Aide Castro 310-603-0220
CA Madera Andrew J. Medellin 559-674-3661
CA Malibu Lou La Monte 310-456-0180
CA Manhattan Beach Richard Montgomery 310-802-5053
CA Manteca Benjamin J. Cantu 209-456-8017
CA Martinez Rob Schroder 925-372-3512
CA Menifee Bill Zimmerman 951-672-6777
CA Menlo Park Cecilia Taylor 650-330-6610
CA Merced Mike Murphy 209-385-6210
CA Milpitas Rich Tran 408-586-3029
CA Mission Viejo Brian Goodell 949-470-3050
CA Modesto Ted Brandvold 209-577-5230
CA Monrovia Tom Adams 626-932-5501
CA Montclair John Dutrey 909-625-9415
CA Monte Sereno Marshall Anstandig
CA Montebello Salvador Melendez 323-887-1367
CA Monterey Park Hans Liang 626-307-1255
CA Moorpark Janice Parvin 805-517-6221
CA Moreno Valley Yxstian Gutierrez 951-413-3008
CA Morgan Hill Rich Constantine 408-779-7259
CA Mountain View Margaret Abe-Koga 650-903-6304
CA Murrieta Gene Winderlich 951-461-6019
CA Napa Jill Techel 707-257-9503
CA National City Alejandra Sotelo-Solis 619-336-4283
CA Newark Alan L. Nagy 510-578-4000x110
CA Newport Beach Will O'Neill 949-644-3004
CA Novato Denise Athas 415-272-3265
CA Oakland Libby Schaaf 510-238-3141
CA Oakley Kevin Romick 925-625-7007
CA Oceanside Peter Weiss 760-966-4401
CA Ontario Paul S. Leon 909-395-2000
CA Orange Mark A. Murphy 714-744-2211
CA Oroville Chuck Reynolds 530-538-2535
CA Oxnard Timothy B. Flynn 805-385-7430
CA Pacifica Deirdre Martin 215-806-8217
CA Palm Desert Gina Nestande 760-346-0611
CA Palm Springs Geoff Kors 760-323-8200
CA Palmdale Steven D. Hofbauer 661-267-5100
CA Palo Alto Adrian Fine 650-285-3694
CA Paramount Peggy Lemons 562-220-2029
CA Paso Robles Steven W. Martin 805-227-7276
CA Perris Michael M. Vargas 951-943-6100
CA Petaluma Teresa Barrett 707-778-4360
CA Pico Rivera Gustavo V. Camacho 562-801-4371
CA Piedmont Jeff Wieler
CA Pittsburg Jelani Killings 925-252-4850
CA Placentia Ward Smith 714-993-8186
CA Pleasant Hill Matthew Rinn 925-671-5270
CA Pleasanton Jerry Thorne 925-931-5001
CA Pomona Tim Sandoval 909-620-2051
CA Porterville Martha A. Flores 559-782-7460
CA Poway Steve Vaus 858-668-4522
CA Rancho Cordova David M. Sander Ph.D 916-851-8700
CA Rancho Cucamonga L Dennis Michael 909-477-2700
CA Rancho Palos Verdes John Cruikshank 310-544-5200
CA Rancho Santa Margarita Brad McGirr 949-635-1800
CA Redding Adam McElvain 530-225-4447
CA Redlands Paul W. Foster 909-798-7533
CA Redondo Beach Bill Brand 310-372-1171
CA Redwood City Diane Howard 650-208-4774
CA Rialto Deborah Robertson 909-820-2525
CA Riverbank Richard D. O'Brien 209-863-7122
CA Riverside Rusty Bailey 951-826-5551
CA Rocklin Greg Janda 916-833-0787
CA Rohnert Park Joseph T. Callinan 707-588-2223
CA Rosemead Sandra Armenta 626-676-3965
CA Roseville Bonnie Gore 916-773-3632
CA Sacramento Darrell Steinberg 916-808-5300
CA Salinas Joe Gunter 831-758-7204
CA San Bernardino John Valdivia 909-384-5133
CA San Bruno Rico E. Medina 650-616-7060
CA San Clemente Dan Bane 949-361-8322
CA San Diego Kevin L. Faulconer 619-236-6330
CA San Dimas Emmett Badar 909-394-6216
CA San Francisco London N. Breed 415-554-6141
CA San Gabriel Denise Menchaca 626-308-2803
CA San Jacinto Andrew Kotyuk 951-537-6359
CA San Jose Sam Liccardo 408-535-4800
CA San Juan Capistrano Troy Bourne 949-443-6315
CA San Leandro Pauline Russo Cutter 510-577-3355
CA San Luis Obispo Heidi Harmon 805-781-7123
CA San Marino Richard Sun 626-300-0700
CA San Mateo Joe Goethals 650-522-7522
CA San Rafael Gary O. Phillips 415-485-3074
CA San Ramon William 'Bill' Clarkson 925-973-2500
CA Santa Ana Miguel A. Pulido 714-647-6900
CA Santa Barbara Cathy Murillo 805-564-5321
CA Santa Clara Lisa M. Gillmor 408-615-2250
CA Santa Clarita Cameron Smyth 661-255-4311
CA Santa Cruz Justin Cummings 831-420-5020
CA Santa Maria Alice M. Patino 805-925-0951x188
CA Santa Monica Kevin McKeown 310-458-8201
CA Santa Paula Rick Araiza 805-525-4478
CA Santa Rosa Tom Schwedhelm 707-543-3017
CA Santee John W. Minto 619-258-4100
CA Saratoga Howard Miller 408-802-4034
CA Seaside Ian N. Oglesby 831-899-6700
CA Simi Valley Keith L. Mashburn 805-583-6701
CA Sonoma Amy Harrington 415-812-4049
CA South Gate Maria Belen Bernal 323-563-9543
CA South San Francisco Richard Garbarino 650-829-6601
CA St. Helena Geoff Ellsworth 323-691-9621
CA Stanton David J. Shawver 714-379-9222
CA Stockton Michael D. Tubbs 209-937-8244
CA Suisun City Lori Wilson 707-410-0585
CA Sunnyvale Larry Klein 408-730-7473
CA Temecula James 'Stew' Stewart 951-506-5100
CA Temple City Tom Chavez 626-285-2171
CA Thousand Oaks Al Adam 805-449-2102
CA Torrance Patrick J. Furey 310-618-2801
CA Tracy Robert Rickman 209-831-4100
CA Tulare Jose Sigala 559-685-2300
CA Turlock Amy Bublak 209-668-5540
CA Tustin Allan Bernstein 714-573-3012
CA Upland Debbie Stone 909-931-4120
CA Vacaville Ron Rowlett 707-449-5100
CA Vallejo Bob Sampayan 707-648-4377
CA Ventura Matt LaVere 805-654-7827
CA Victorville Gloria Garcia 760-955-5026
CA Visalia Robert R. Link 559-713-4512
CA Vista Judy Ritter 760-726-1340
CA Walnut Andrew Rodriguez 909-595-7543
CA Walnut Creek Loella Haskew 925-256-3504
CA Watsonville Rebecca J. Garcia 831-768-3008
CA West Covina Tony Wu 626-939-8401
CA West Hollywood Lindsey P. Horvath 323-848-6460
CA West Sacramento Christopher L. Cabaldon 916-617-4500
CA Whittier Joe Vinatieri 562-693-0123
CA Wildomar Dustin Nigg 951-743-5525
CA Windsor Dominic Foppoli 707-838-1000
CA Woodland Xochitl Rodriguez 530-661-5806
CA Yorba Linda Beth Haney 714-961-7110
CA Yountville John F. Dunbar 707-948-2637
CA Yuba City Shon Harris 530-822-4602
CA Yucaipa David Avila 909-797-2489
CO Arvada Marc Williams 720-898-7000
CO Arvin Jose Gurrola
CO Aurora Mike Coffman 303-739-7010
CO Boulder Sam Weaver 303-416-6130
CO Brighton Greg Mills 303-655-2268
CO Broomfield Patrick Quinn 303-623-1580
CO Castle Rock Jason Gray 303-663-4401
CO Centennial Stephanie Piko 303-754-3350
CO Colorado Springs John Suthers 719-385-5900
CO Commerce City Benjamin Huseman 303-219-0510
CO Denver Michael B. Hancock 720-865-9090
CO Dillon Kevin Burns
CO Englewood Linda Olson 720-315-3915
CO Fort Collins Wade Troxell 970-219-8940
CO Grand Junction Duke Wortmann 970-244-1501
CO Greeley John Gates 970-350-9772
CO Lakewood Adam A. Paul 303-987-7040
CO Littleton Jerry Valdes 720-224-1314
CO Longmont Brian J. Bagley 303-651-8602
CO Loveland Jacki Marsh 970-962-2303
CO Northglenn Meredith Leighty 303-450-8755
CO Parker Mike Waid 303-841-0353
CO Pueblo Nicholas A. Gradisar 719-924-5449
CO Thornton Janifer Kulmann 303-538-7531
CO Westminster Herb Atchison 303-915-5625
CO Wheat Ridge Bud Starker 303-235-2800
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CT Bristol Ellen A. Zoppo Sassu 860-584-6250
CT Danbury Mark D. Boughton 203-797-4511
CT East Hartford Marcia A. Leclerc 860-291-7200
CT Enfield Michael Ludwick 860-869-5933
CT Greenwich Peter Tesei 203-622-7700
CT Groton Patrice Granatosky 860-449-8789
CT Hamden Curt Balzano Leng 203-287-7100
CT Hartford Luke Bronin 860-757-9500
CT Manchester Jay Moran 860-647-3130
CT Meriden Kevin M. Scarpati 203-630-4125
CT Middletown Benjamin D. Florsheim 860-638-4801
CT Milford Benjamin G. Blake 203-783-3201
CT Naugatuck N 'Pete' Warren Hess III 203-720-7007
CT New Britain Erin E. Stewart 860-826-3303
CT New Haven Justin Elicker 203-946-8200
CT Newington Roy Zartarian 860-665-0824
CT Norwalk Harry Rilling 203-854-7701
CT Norwich Peter Albert Nystrom 860-823-3742
CT Shelton Mark A. Lauretti 203-924-1555
CT Southington Christopher J. Palmieri 860-628-4115
CT Stamford David Martin 203-977-4150
CT Stratford Laura Hoydick 203-385-4001
CT Torrington Elinor Carbone 860-489-2228
CT Trumbull Vicki A. Tesoro 203-452-5005
CT Vernon Daniel A. Champagne 860-870-3600
CT Wallingford William Dickinson Jr. 203-294-2070
CT Waterbury Neil M. O'Leary 203-574-6712
CT West Hartford Shari Cantor 860-561-7500
CT West Haven Nancy R. Rossi 203-937-3510
CT Westport Jim Marpe
CT Wolcott Thomas G. Dunn 203-879-8100
DC Washington Muriel Bowser 202-727-6300
FL Altamonte Springs Patricia Bates 407-571-8031
FL Apopka Bryan Nelson 407-703-1601
FL Aventura Enid Weisman 305-466-8900
FL Bal Harbour Village Gabriel Groisman 305-866-4633
FL Boca Raton Scott Singer 561-393-7708
FL Bonita Springs Peter Simmons 239-949-6262
FL Boynton Beach Steven B. Grant 561-742-6010
FL Bradenton Wayne H. Poston 941-932-9450
FL Cape Coral Joe Coviello 239-574-0436
FL Clearwater Frank Hibbard 727-562-4042
FL Clermont Gail Ash 352-241-7358
FL Coconut Creek Lou Sarbone 954-973-6760
FL Cooper City Greg Ross 954-434-4300-ext.-260
FL Coral Gables Raul J. Valdes-Fauli 305-460-5220
FL Coral Springs Scott Brook 954-344-5911
FL Cutler Bay Tim Meerbott 305-234-4262
FL Dania Beach Lori Lewellen 954-924-6800
FL Davie Judith 'Judy' Paul 954-797-1030
FL Daytona Beach Derrick L. Henry 386-671-8010
FL Deerfield Beach Bill Ganz 954-480-4263
FL DeLand Robert F. Apgar 386-804-6170
FL Delray Beach Shelly Petrolia 561-243-7010
FL Deltona Heidi K. Herzberg 386-878-8860
FL Doral Juan Carlos Bermudez 305-593-6725
FL Dunedin Julie Ward Bujalski 727-298-3001
FL El Portal Claudia V. Cubillos 305-778-4199
FL Fort Lauderdale Dean J. Trantalis 954-828-5003
FL Fort Myers Randall P. Henderson Jr. 239-321-7020
FL Fort Pierce Linda Hudson 561-460-2200
FL Greenacres Joel Flores 561-642-2017
FL Hallandale Beach Joy Cooper 954-457-1318
FL Hialeah Carlos A. Hernandez 305-883-5820
FL Hialeah Gardens Yioset De La Cruz 305-558-4114
FL Hollywood Josh Levy 954-921-3321
FL Homestead Steven D. Losner 305-247-1801
FL Jacksonville Lenny Curry 904-630-1776
FL Jupiter Todd Wodraska 561-741-2214
FL Key West Teri Johnston 305-809-3840
FL Kissimmee Jose A. Alvarez 407-518-2318
FL Lake Worth Pam Triolo 561-586-1730
FL Lakeland H 'Bill' William Mutz 863-834-6005
FL Largo Louis 'Woody' L. Brown 727-587-6702
FL Lauderdale Lakes Hazelle Rogers 954-535-2706
FL Lauderhill Ken Thurston 954-730-3018
FL Margate Tommy Ruzzano 954-935-5326
FL Melbourne Kathy Meehan 321-984-7588
FL Miami Francis X. Suarez 305-250-5300
FL Miami Beach Dan Gelber 305-673-7030
FL Miami Gardens Oliver G. Gilbert III 305-914-9170
FL Miami Lakes Manny Cid 305-364-6100
FL Miami Shores Village Crystal Wagar 786-501-5595
FL Miami-Dade Carlos A. Gimenez 305-375-5071
FL Miramar Wayne M. Messam 954-602-3151
FL Naples Bill Barnett
FL North Bay Village Brent Latham 305-756-7171
FL North Lauderdale Ana M. Ziade 954-724-7056
FL North Miami Philippe Bien-Aime 305-895-9815
FL North Miami Beach Anthony F. DeFillipo 305-948-2986
FL North Port Debbie McDowell 941-429-7000
FL Oakland Park Matthew Sparks 954-560-6384
FL Ocala Kent Guinn 352-401-3977
FL Ocoee Rusty Johnson 407-554-7110
FL Orlando Buddy Dyer 407-579-5952
FL Ormond Beach Bill Partington 386-871-8232
FL Oviedo Megan Sladek 407-971-5606
FL Palm Bay William Capote 321-952-3414
FL Palm Beach Gardens Carl W. Woods 561-799-4105
FL Palm Coast Milissa Holland 386-986-3710
FL Panama City Greg Brudnicki 850-872-3002
FL Parkland Christine Hunschofsky 954-757-4127
FL Pembroke Park Ashira Mohammed 954-966-4600
FL Pembroke Pines Frank C. Ortis 954-435-6505
FL Pensacola Grover C. Robinson IV 850-435-1626
FL Pinecrest Joseph M Corradino
FL Pinellas Park Sandra 'Sandy' Lee Bradbury 727-369-0700
FL Plant City Rick A. Lott 813-659-4200
FL Plantation Lynn Stoner 954-797-2221
FL Pompano Beach Rex Hardin 954-786-4623
FL Port Orange Donald O. Burnette 386-295-5760
FL Port St. Lucie Gregory J. Oravec 772-871-5159
FL Riviera Beach Ronnie L. Felder 561-845-4095
FL Royal Palm Beach Fred Pinto 561-790-5103
FL Sanford Jeff Triplett 407-688-5001 x5201
FL Sanibel Kevin Ruane 239-472-3700
FL Sarasota Jen Ahearn-Koch 941-954-4115
FL St. Petersburg Rick Kriseman 727-893-7201
FL Sunrise Michael J. Ryan 954-746-3250
FL Tallahassee John E. Dailey 850-891-2000
FL Tamarac Michelle J. Gomez 954-597-3460
FL Tampa Jane Castor 813-274-8251
FL Titusville Walt Johnson 321-383-5775
FL Vero Beach Tony Young 772-978-4700
FL Virginia Gardens Fred Spencer Deno IV 305-986-3017
FL Wellington Anne Gerwig 561-791-4125
FL West Palm Beach Keith A. James 561-822-1400
FL Weston Daniel J. Stermer 954-385-2000
FL Wilton Manors Justin S. Flippen J.D.
FL Winter Garden John Rees 407-656-7372
FL Winter Haven Bradley T. Dantzler 863-289-9947
FL Winter Springs Charles Lacey 407-327-5956
GA Albany Bo Dorough 229-888-2757
GA Alpharetta Jim Gilvin 678-297-6020
GA Athens Kelly Girtz 706-613-3010
GA Atlanta Keisha Lance Bottoms 404-330-6100
GA Brookhaven John Arthur Ernst Jr. 404-637-0710
GA Dalton Dennis Mock 706-278-9500
GA Douglasville Rochelle Robinson 678-449-3000
GA Dunwoody Lynn Deutsch 678-382-6700
GA East Point Deana Holiday Ingraham 404-270-7093
GA Fairburn Elizabeth Carr-Hurst 770-964-2244 x100
GA Gainesville C. Danny Dunagan Jr. 770-535-6860
GA Hinesville Allen Brown 912-876-3564
GA Johns Creek Michael Bodker 678-512-3313
GA Kennesaw Derek Easterling 770-424-8274
GA LaGrange Jim Thornton 706-883-2010
GA Macon Robert A.B. Reichert 478-751-7170
GA Marietta Steve 'Thunder' Tumlin 770-528-0595
GA Milton Joe Lockwood 678-242-2484
GA Newnan Keith Brady 770-253-2682- x-206
GA Peachtree City Vanessa Fleisch 770-487-7657
GA Peachtree Corners Mike Mason 678-691-1200
GA Rome Bill Collins 706-291-0208
GA Sandy Springs Russell 'Rusty' K. Paul 770-730-5600
GA Savannah Van R. Johnson II 912-651-6444
GA Smyrna Derek Norton 770-434-6600
GA South Fulton William 'Bill' Edwards 470-809-7721
GA Statesboro Jonathan McCollar 912-764-5468
GA Stonecrest Jason Lary 770-224-0200
GA Valdosta Scott James Matheson 229-259-3500
GA Warner Robins Randy Toms 912-929-1115
HI Hilo Harry Kim 808-961-8211
HI Honolulu Kirk Caldwell 808-768-4141
HI Kauai Derek S.K. Kawakami 808-241-4900
HI Maui Michael Victorino 808-270-7855
IA Ames John Haila 515-292-9428
IA Ankeny Gary Lorenz 515-965-6400
IA Bettendorf Robert Gallagher Jr. 563-344-4014
IA Cedar Falls Rob Green 319-268-5118
IA Cedar Rapids Brad Hart 319-286-5051
IA Council Bluffs Matt Walsh 712-328-4601
IA Davenport Mike Matson 563-326-7701
IA Dubuque Roy D. Buol 563-564-5455
IA Iowa City Bruce Teague 319-536-1200
IA Sioux City Bob Scott 712-279-6136
IA Urbandale Bob Andeweg 515-276-2434
IA Waterloo Quentin M. Hart 319-291-4301
IA West Des Moines Steven K. Gaer 515-974-5261
ID Boise Lauren McLean 208-384-4422
ID Caldwell Garret L. Nancolas 208-455-3000
ID Coeur d'Alene Steve Widmyer 208-666-5754
ID Idaho Falls Rebecca Casper 208-612-8235
ID Ketchum Neil Bradshaw 208-726-7803
ID Nampa Debbie Kling 208-468-5401
ID Pocatello Brian Blad 208-234-6163
ID Twin Falls Suzanne Hawkins 208-735-7245
IL Addison Rich Veenstra 630-693-7502
IL Algonquin John Schmitt 847-658-2700
IL Arlington Heights Thomas W. Hayes 847-259-6337
IL Barrington Karen Darch 847-304-3444
IL Berwyn Robert J. Lovero 708-788-2660
IL Bolingbrook Roger C. Claar 630-226-8412
IL Buffalo Grove Beverly Sussman 847-459-2525
IL Calumet City Michelle Markiewicz Qualkinbush 708-891-8105
IL Carol Stream Frank Saverino 630-871-6250
IL Carpentersville John M. Skillman 224-293-1654
IL Champaign Deborah Frank Feinen 217-403-8720
IL Chatham Tom Gray 217-483-2451
IL Chicago Lori E. Lightfoot 312-744-5000
IL Chicago Heights David A. Gonzalez 708-756-5315
IL Cicero Larry Dominick 708-656-3600x211
IL Crystal Lake Aaron T. Shepley 815-459-2020
IL Decatur Julie Moore-Wolfe 217-424-2804
IL DeKalb Jerry Smith 815-748-2099
IL Des Plaines Matthew J. Bogusz 847-391-5301
IL Dolton Riley H. Rogers 708-201-3270
IL Downers Grove Bob Barnett 630-493-8807
IL Elgin David Kaptain 847-931-6100
IL Elk Grove Village Craig B. Johnson 847-439-3900
IL Elmhurst Steven M. Morley 630-530-3010
IL Evanston Stephen H. Hagerty 847-866-2979
IL Galesburg John Pritchard 309-344-2634
IL Glendale Heights Linda Jackson 630-260-6000x5302
IL Glenview James R. Patterson Jr. 847-904-4370
IL Gurnee Kristina Kovarik 847-599-7500
IL Hanover Park Rodney S. Craig 630-372-4201
IL Hazel Crest Vernard L. Alsberry Jr. 708-335-9600
IL Hoffman Estates William 'Bill' D. McLeod 847-781-2604
IL Joliet Bob O'Dekirk 815-724-3700
IL Lake Barrington Kevin C. Richardson 847-381-6010
IL Lisle Christopher R. Pecak 630-271-4118
IL Lombard Keith T. Giagnorio 630-620-5710
IL Macomb Michael J. Inman 309-833-2558
IL Matteson Sheila Y. Chalmers-Currin 708-283-4911
IL Moline Stephanie Acri 309-524-2001
IL Mount Prospect Arlene A. Juracek 847-392-6000
IL Mundelein Steve Lentz 847-949-3209
IL Naperville Steve Chirico 630-420-6018
IL Normal Chris Koos 309-454-9503
IL North Chicago Leon Rockingham Jr. 847-596-8610
IL Northbrook Sandra E. Frum 847-272-5050
IL Oak Lawn Sandra Bury 708-636-4400
IL Oak Park Anan Abu-Taleb 708-358-5796
IL Orland Park Keith Pekau 708-403-6167
IL Oswego Troy T. Parlier 630-554-1555
IL Palatine James W. Schwantz 847-359-9007
IL Park Ridge Marty Maloney 847-318-5200
IL Pekin Mark Luft 309-264-5517
IL Quincy Kyle A. Moore 217-228-4545
IL River Forest Cathy Adduci 708-366-8500
IL Rock Island Mike Thoms 309-732-2012
IL Rockford Thomas P. McNamara 779-348-7300
IL Romeoville John D. Noak 815-886-7200
IL Schaumburg Tom Dailly 847-923-4700
IL Sesser Jason Ashmore 618-625-3611
IL Skokie George C. Van Dusen 847-933-8269
IL Streamwood Billie D. Roth 630-736-3800
IL Tinley Park Jacob C. Vandenberg 708-444-5021
IL Urbana Diane W. Marlin 217-384-2456
IL Warrenville David Brummel 630-393-5741
IL Waukegan Sam Cunningham 847-599-2510
IL Westmont Ron J. Gunter 630-981-6201
IL Wheaton Philip J. Suess 630-260-2014
IL Woodridge Gina Cunningham-Picek 630-719-4706
IN Bloomington John Hamilton 812-349-3406
IN Carmel James Brainard 317-571-2401
IN Crown Point David D.F. Uran 219-662-3250
IN Elkhart Rod Roberson 574-293-8968
IN Evansville Lloyd W. Winnecke 812-436-4962
IN Fishers Scott Fadness 317-595-3111
IN Fort Wayne Thomas 'Tom' C. Henry 260-427-1111
IN Gary Jerome A. Prince 219-881-1302
IN Goshen Jeremy Stutsman 574-533-9322
IN Greenwood Mark W. Myers 317-887-5000
IN Hammond Thomas M. McDermott Jr. 219-853-6301
IN Indianapolis Joseph 'Joe' H. Hogsett 317-327-3601
IN Jeffersonville Mike Moore 812-285-6400
IN Kokomo Tyler Moore 765-456-7444
IN Marion Jess Alumbaugh 756-662-9931
IN Merrillville Richard Hardaway 219-769-5711
IN Michigan City Duane Parry 219-873-1400
IN Mishawaka Dave Wood 574-258-1601
IN Muncie Dan Ridenour 765-747-4845
IN New Albany Jeff M. Gahan 812-948-5333
IN Noblesville Chris Jensen 317-776-6324
IN Richmond Dave Snow 765-983-7207
IN South Bend James Mueller 574-233-0311
IN Terre Haute Duke A. Bennett 812-244-2303
IN Valparaiso Matt Murphy 219-462-1161
IN West Lafayette John R. Dennis 765-775-5102
IN Westfield Andy Cook 317-804-3001
KS Hutchinson Jade Piros de Carvalho 620-200-1167
KS Kansas City David Alvey 913-573-5010
KS Leavenworth Myron Griswold 913-240-1295
KS Leawood Peggy J. Dunn 913-663-9101
KS Lenexa Michael A. Boehm 913-477.7567
KS Manhattan Usha Reddi 785-587-2404
KS Olathe Michael Copeland 913-971-8500
KS Overland Park Carl R. Gerlach 913-895-6000
KS Shawnee Michelle Distler 913-631-2500
KS Topeka Michelle De La Isla 785-368-3710
KS Wichita Brandon Whipple 316-268-4331
KY Bowling Green Bruce Wilkerson 270-392-0817
KY Covington Joseph U. Meyer 859-292-2334
KY Elizabethtown Jeff Gregory 270-765-6121
KY Florence Diane E. Whalen 859-647-8177
KY Frankfort William May 502-875-8500
KY Hopkinsville Carter Hendricks 270-890-0200
KY Louisville Greg Fischer 502-574-2003
KY Owensboro Tom Watson 270-687-8561
KY Somerset Alan Keck 606-679-6366
LA Alexandria Jeffrey W. Hall 318-449-5000
LA Baton Rouge Sharon Weston Broome 225-389-5100
LA Bossier City Lorenz 'Lo' J. Walker 318-741-8501
LA Kenner Ben Zahn 504-468-7206
LA Lafayette Josh Guillory 337-291-8300
LA Lake Charles Nicholas 'Nic' Hunter 337-491-1388
LA New Iberia Freddie DeCourt 337-369-2300
LA New Orleans LaToya Cantrell 504-658-4994
LA Patterson Rodney Grogan 985-395-5205
LA Shreveport Adrian Perkins 318-673-5050
LA Simmesport Leslie Draper III 318-941-2493
LA Terrebonne Gordon 'Gordy' E. Dove 985-873-6401
LA Ville Platte Jennifer Vidrine 337-831-0831
MA Agawam William Sapelli
MA Amesbury Ken Gray
MA Amherst Lynn Griesemer 413-259-3001
MA Arlington Diane M. Mahon 781-646-9038
MA Attleboro Paul Heroux 508-223-2222-ext.-3221
MA Barnstable James H. Crocker Jr. 508-428-8800
MA Beverly Michael P. Cahill 978-605-2333
MA Billerica Ed Giroux 978-294-9743
MA Boston Martin J. Walsh 617-635-3174
MA Braintree Charles C. Kokoros 781-794-8100
MA Brockton Robert F. Sullivan 508-580-7123
MA Brookline Bernard Greene 857-225-0402
MA Cambridge Sumbul Siddiqui 617-349-4321
MA Chelmsford Kenneth LeFebvre 978-761-0154
MA Chelsea Damali Vidot 617-466-4062
MA Chicopee John L. Vieau 413-594-1500
MA Dartmouth Stanley M. Mickelson 508-910-1813
MA Easthampton Nicole LaChapelle 413-529-1470
MA Everett Carlo DeMaria Jr. 617-394-2270
MA Fall River Paul Coogan 508-324-2600
MA Falmouth Megan English Braga 508-495-7320
MA Fitchburg Stephen L. DiNatale 978-829-1801
MA Framingham Yvonne M. Spicer 508-532-5400
MA Gardner Mark P Hawke
MA Gloucester Sefatia Romeo Theken 978-281-9700
MA Haverhill James J. Fiorentini 978-374-2300
MA Holyoke Alex B. Morse 413-322-5510
MA Lawrence Daniel Rivera 978-620-3013
MA Leominster Dean J. Mazzarella 978-534-7500
MA Lexington Douglas M. Lucente 781-862-0500 x208
MA Lowell John Leahy 978-970-4040
MA Lynn Thomas M. McGee 781-598-4000
MA Malden Gary Christenson 781-397-7000
MA Marlborough Arthur G. Vigeant 508-460-3770
MA Medford Breanna Lungo-Koehn 781-393-2409
MA Melrose Paul Brodeur 781-979-4440
MA Methuen Neil Perry 978-983-8505
MA Natick Michael J. Hickey Jr. 508-647-6410
MA New Bedford Jon Mitchell 508-979-1410
MA Newbury J. R. Colby
MA Newton Ruthanne Fuller 617-796-1100
MA North Adams Thomas W. Bernard 413-662-3000
MA Northampton David J. Narkewicz
MA Peabody Edward A. Bettencourt Jr. 978-538-5700
MA Pittsfield Linda Tyer 413-499-9321
MA Randolph Jason Adams 781-961-0918
MA Revere Brian M. Arrigo 781-286-8100
MA Shrewsbury Maurice M. DePalo 508-841-8504
MA Somerville Joseph A. Curtatone 617-625-6600x2100
MA Taunton Shaunna O'Connell 508-821-1000
MA Waltham Jeannette A. McCarthy 781-314-3101
MA Watertown Mark S. Sideris 617-924-2699
MA West Springfield William C. Reichelt 413-263-3041
MA Weymouth Robert L. Hedlund 781-340-5012
MA Woburn Scott D. Galvin 781-897-5901
MA Worcester Joseph M. Petty 508-799-1153
MD Annapolis Gavin Buckley 410-263-7997
MD Baltimore Bernard 'Jack' C. Young 410-387-1847
MD Bowie Tim Adams 301-262-6200
MD Capitol Heights Shawn Maldon 301-336-0626
MD College Park Patrick L. Wojahn 240-988-7763
MD Frederick Michael O'Connor 301-600-1385
MD Gaithersburg Jud Ashman 301-258-6300
MD Glenarden Edward Estes
MD Greenbelt Emmett V. Jordan 301-474-8000
MD Hagerstown Robert E. Bruchey II 301-766-4175
MD Hyattsville Candace B Hollingsworth
MD Laurel Craig A. Moe 301-725-5300
MD Rockville Bridget Donnell Newton 240-314-8291
MD Salisbury Jacob R. Day 410-548-3100
MD Takoma Park Kate Stewart
ME Augusta David Rollins 207-626-2300
ME Bangor Sarah Nichols 207-944-0907
ME Lewiston Mark A. Cayer 207-807-1637
ME Portland Kate Snyder 207-874-8941
MI Ann Arbor Christopher Taylor 734-794-6161
MI Auburn Hills Kevin McDaniel
MI Battle Creek Mark Behnke 269-441-7663
MI Bay City Kathleen L. Newsham 989-894-8189
MI Belleville Kerreen Conley 734-697-9323
MI Benton Harbor Marcus Muhammad 269-927-8400
MI Brownstown Township Andy Linko 734-675-0071
MI Burton Duane Haskins 810-743-1500
MI Charter Township of Orion Chris Barnett 248-391-0304-ext.-1001
MI Dearborn John B. O'Reilly Jr. 313-943-2030
MI Dearborn Heights Daniel S. Paletko 313-791-3490
MI Detroit Mike Duggan 313-224-3400
MI East Lansing Mark S. Meadows 517-319-6904
MI Eastpointe Monique Owens 586-445-5016 x3
MI Farmington Hills Vicki Barnett 248-871-2500
MI Ferndale David Coulter 248-546-2384
MI Flint Sheldon Neeley 810-766-7346
MI Grand Rapids Rosalynn Bliss 616-456-3168
MI Grosse Pointe Woods Robert E. Novitke 586-772-6441
MI Highland Park Hubert Yopp 313-252-0050 x240
MI Holland Nathan Bocks 616-801-3638
MI Kalamazoo David Anderson 269-337-8047
MI Kentwood Stephen Kepley 616-554-0771
MI Lansing Andy Schor 517-483-4144
MI Lincoln Park Thomas E. Karnes 313-386-1800
MI Livonia Maureen Miller Brosnan 734-466-2201
MI Madison Heights Brian Christian Hartwell 248-583-0826
MI Midland Maureen Donker 989-839-0531
MI Muskegon Steve Gawron 231-724-6701
MI Novi Bob Gatt 248-347-0456
MI Pleasant Ridge Kurt R Metzger
MI Pontiac Deirdre Waterman 248-758-3181
MI Port Huron Pauline Repp 810-984-9740
MI Portage Patricia M. Randall 269-324-7779
MI Redford Township Tracey Schultz Kobylarz 313-387-2700
MI Rochester Hills Bryan K. Barnett 248-656-4664
MI Royal Oak Michael Fournier 248-246-3463
MI Saginaw Floyd Kloc 989-759-1401
MI Southfield Kenson J. Siver 248-796-5100
MI Southgate Joseph G. Kuspa 734-258-3022
MI St. Clair Shores Kip C. Walby 586-445-3983
MI Sterling Heights Michael C. Taylor 586-648-0008
MI Taylor Rick Sollars 734-374-1449
MI Troy Ethan Baker 248-716-4279
MI Warren James R. Fouts 586-574-4520
MI Westland William R. Wild 734-467-3200
MI Wyoming Jack Poll 616-530-7227
MN Andover Julie Trude 763-862-2499
MN Apple Valley Mary Hamann-Roland 952-953-2500
MN Blaine Tom Ryan 763-784-6700
MN Brooklyn Center Mike Elliott 612-460-1765
MN Brooklyn Park Jeffrey Lunde 763-493-8010
MN Burnsville Elizabeth B. Kautz 952-895-4490
MN Coon Rapids Jerry Koch 763-767-1811
MN Cottage Grove Myron Bailey 651-458-2800
MN Duluth Emily Larson 218-730-5230
MN Eagan Mike Maguire 651-675-5048
MN Eden Prairie Ron Case 952-949-8593
MN Edina James B. Hovland 952-927-8861
MN Golden Valley Shep Harris 612-593-8000
MN Inver Grove Heights George Tourville 651-455-4465
MN Lakeville Douglas P. Anderson 952-985-4410
MN Mankato Najwa Massad 507-387-8693
MN Maple Grove Mark V. Steffenson 763-494-6000
MN Maple Plain Julie Maas-Kusske 763-479-6010
MN Maplewood Nora Slawik 651-738-7099
MN Minneapolis Jacob Frey 612-673-2100
MN Minnetonka Brad Wiersum 952-939-8200
MN Moorhead Johnathan Judd 218-299-5307
MN Northfield Rhonda Pownell
MN Plymouth Jeffry Wosje 763-509-5000
MN Richfield Maria Regan Gonzalez 612-861-9700
MN Shakopee William P. Mars 952-445-4228
MN St. Cloud Dave Kleis 320-255-7201
MN St. Louis Park Jake Spano 952-922-9114
MN St. Paul Melvin Carter 651-266-8510
MN Woodbury Anne Burt 651-714-3576
MO Ballwin Tim Pogue 636-207-2386
MO Blue Springs Carson Ross 816-228-0110
MO Cape Girardeau Bob Fox 573-334-0854
MO Chesterfield Bob Nation 636-537-4711
MO Clayton Harold Sanger
MO Columbia Brian Treece 573-874-7222
MO Florissant Timothy J. Lowery 314-921-5700
MO Independence Eileen Weir 816-365-0880
MO Jefferson City Carrie Tergin 573-634-6303
MO Joplin Gary Shaw 417-781-5982
MO Lee's Summit Bill Baird 816-969-1010
MO O'Fallon Bill Hennessy 636-379-5500
MO St. Charles Dan Borgmeyer 636-949-3268
MO St. Joseph Bill McMurray 816-271-4640
MO St. Louis Lyda Krewson 314-622-3201
MO St. Peters Len Pagano 636-477-6600
MO University City Terry Crow 314-505-8606
MO Wentzville Nick Guccione 636-639-0354
MO Wildwood Jim Bowlin 636-458-0440 x300
MS Biloxi Andrew 'FoFo' Gilich 228-435-6254
MS Clarksdale Henry Espy 601-621-8100
MS Greenville Errick D. Simmons 662-378-1501
MS Gulfport Billy Hewes 228-868-5801
MS Hattiesburg Toby Barker 601-545-4501
MS Jackson Chokwe Antar Lumumba Esq. 601-960-1084
MS Meridian Percy L. Bland III 601-485-1927
MS Natchez Darryl V. Grennell 601-445-7555
MS Olive Branch Scott Phillips 662-892-9201
MS Southaven Darren Musselwhite 662-393-6939
MS Tupelo Jason L. Shelton 662-841-6513
MS Yazoo City Diane Delaware 668-746-1401
MT Billings Bill Cole 406-294-5700
MT Bozeman Cynthia Andrus 406-600-7140
MT Butte Dave Palmer 406-497-6214
MT Great Falls Bob Kelly 406-455-8451
MT Helena James 'Jim' E. Smith 406-447-8000
MT Missoula John Engen 406-552-6001
NC Apex Jacques Gilbert 919-249-3304
NC Asheville Esther E. Manheimer 828-259-5600
NC Burlington Ian Baltutis 336-222-5020
NC Carrboro Lydia Lavelle 919-918-7310
NC Cary Harold Weinbrecht Jr. 919-469-4011
NC Chapel Hill Pam Hemminger 919-968-2714
NC Charlotte Vi Alexander Lyles 704-336-3131
NC Gastonia Walker E. Reid III 704-866-6720
NC Goldsboro Chuck Allen 919-580-4330
NC Greensboro Nancy Vaughan 336-373-2396
NC Hickory Hank Guess 828-323-7400
NC High Point Jay W. Wagner 336-883-3305
NC Huntersville John Aneralla 704-895-0586
NC Indian Trail Michael Alvarez 704-821-8114
NC Kannapolis M Darrell Hinnant 704-920-4300
NC Kinston Dontario 'Don' Hardy 252-939-3114
NC Knightdale ???
NC Mooresville Miles Atkins 704-799-4210
NC New Bern Dana E. Outlaw 252-639-2702
NC North Wilkesboro Robert L. Johnson 336-667-0115
NC Raleigh Mary-Ann Baldwin 919-996-3050
NC Rocky Mount C. 'Sandy' Saunders Roberson Jr. 252-972-1130
NC Wake Forest Vivian Jones 919-435-9431
NC Wilmington Bill Saffo 910-341-7815
NC Wilson C Bruce Rose 252-399-2310
NC Winston-Salem James Allen Joines 336-727-2058
ND Bismarck Steve Bakken 701-355-1300
ND Fargo Tim Mahoney 701-241-1310
ND Grand Forks Michael R. Brown M.D. 701-746-2607
ND Minot Shaun Sipma 701-721-6839
NE Grand Island Roger Steele 308-385-5444
NE Kearney Stan Clouse 308-238-5210
NE Omaha Jean Stothert 402-444-5000
NH Concord Jim Bouley 603-753-4533
NH Derry Neil Wetherbee 603-548-3935
NH Dover Robert Carrier 603-516-6000
NH Nashua Jim Donchess 603-589-3260
NH Rochester Caroline McCarley 603-335-7500
NJ Atlantic City Frank M. Gilliam Jr. 609-347-5400
NJ Bayonne James 'Jimmy' M. Davis 201-858-6010
NJ Berkeley Township Carmen F. Amato Jr. 732-244-7400 x-203
NJ Bloomfield Michael J. Venezia 973-680-4080
NJ Bound Brook Robert Fazen 732-356-0833
NJ Brick Township John G. Ducey 732-262-1050
NJ Bridgewater Matthew Moench 908-725-6300 x5005
NJ Cherry Hill Township Susan Shin Angulo 856-488-7878
NJ Clifton James Anzaldi 973-470-5757
NJ Deptford Township Paul Medany 856-845-5300
NJ East Brunswick Township Brad J. Cohen 732-390-6810
NJ East Orange Theodore R. Green 973-266-5151
NJ Edison Township Thomas Lankey 732-248-7298
NJ Egg Harbor Township Paul W. Hodson 609-926-4027
NJ Elizabeth J. Christian Bollwage 908-820-4170
NJ Evesham Township Jaclyn Veasy 856-983-2900
NJ Ewing Township Bert Steinmann 609-883-2900
NJ Fair Lawn Borough Kurt Peluso 201-794-5344
NJ Fanwood Colleen Mahr 908-322-8236
NJ Fort Lee Mark J. Sokolich 201-592-3500
NJ Franklin Township Phillip 'Phil' Kramer 732-675-7912
NJ Freehold Township Lester A. Preston Jr. 732-294-2001
NJ Galloway Township Jim Gorman 609-652-3700
NJ Garfield Richard Rigoglioso 973-340-2000
NJ Gloucester Township David R. Mayer 856-228-4000
NJ Hackensack John P. Labrosse Jr. 201-646-3980
NJ Hamilton Township Jeff Martin 609-890-3507
NJ Hillsborough Township Doug Tomson 908-369-4313
NJ Hoboken Ravinder S. Bhalla 917-485-1126
NJ Hope Timothy C. McDonough 908-459-5011
NJ Howell Township Theresa Berger 732-938-4500
NJ Irvington Township Tony Vauss 973-399-6639
NJ Jackson Township Michael Reina 732-928-1200,-ext.-1211
NJ Jersey City Steven M. Fulop 201-547-5200
NJ Kearny Alberto G. Santos 201-955-7979
NJ Lambertville Julia Fahl 505-659-9969
NJ Lawrence Township Jim Kownacki 609-844-7000
NJ Linden Derek Armstead 908-474-8493
NJ Livingston Shawn R Klein
NJ Long Branch John Pallone 732-571-5645
NJ Manalapan Jack McNaboe 732-446-3200
NJ Manchester Township Kenneth Palmer 732-657-8121
NJ Marlboro Township Jonathan Hornik 732-536-0200 x1200
NJ Middletown Township Anthony S. Perry 732-615-2015
NJ Millstone Borough Raymond Heck 609-989-9216
NJ Monroe Township Gerald W. Tamburro 732-521-4400
NJ Mount Laurel Township Irwin Edelson 856-234-0001
NJ Mountain Lakes Peter Holmberg
NJ New Brunswick James Cahill 732-745-5004
NJ North Bergen Nicholas J. Sacco 201-392-2005
NJ North Brunswick Francis 'Mac' Womack III 732-247-0922 x430
NJ Old Bridge Township Owen Henry 732-607-7901
NJ Orange Township Dwayne D. Warren 973-266-4005
NJ Parsippany-Troy Hills Michael Soriano 973-263-4262
NJ Passaic Hector Lora 973-365-5500
NJ Paterson Andre Sayegh 973-321-1600
NJ Pennsauken Township Tim Killion 856-665-1000
NJ Perth Amboy Wilda Diaz 732-826-7121
NJ Piscataway Brian C. Wahler 732-562-2301
NJ Plainfield Adrian O. Mapp 908-753-3310
NJ Pleasantville Jesse L. Tweedle Sr 609-484-3610
NJ Point Pleasant Beach Paul M. Kanitra 202-556-5040
NJ Princeton Liz Lempert 609-924-5176
NJ Rahway Raymond A. Giacobbe 732-827-2009
NJ Sayreville Victoria Kilpatrick 732-390-7007
NJ South Brunswick Township Charlie Carley 732-329-4000 x7301
NJ South Orange Village Sheena C. Collum 973-378-7715
NJ Teaneck Township Mohammed Hameeduddin 201-837-1600
NJ Toms River Maurice 'Mo' B. Hill Jr. 732-341-1000
NJ Trenton W. Reed Gusciora Esq. 609-989-3030
NJ Union City Brian P. Stack 201-348-5757
NJ Union Township Michele S. Delisfort 908-851-8500
NJ Vineland Anthony Fanucci 856-794-4011
NJ Washington Township Joann Gattinelli 856-589-0525
NJ Wayne Township Christopher P. Vergano 973-694-1800
NJ West New York Gabriel Rodriguez 201-295-5227
NJ West Orange Township Robert Parisi 973-325-4100
NJ Willingboro Township Tiffani A. Worthy 609-877-2200
NJ Winslow Township Barry M. Wright 609-567-0700-EXT-2016
NJ Woodbridge Township John E. McCormac 732-634-4500
NM Alamogordo Richard Boss 575-214-0024
NM Albuquerque Tim Keller 505-768-3000
NM Farmington Nate Duckett 505-599-1100
NM Hobbs Sam Cobb 575-397-9200
NM Las Cruces Kenneth D. Miyagishima 575-541-2067
NM Rio Rancho Greggory D. Hull 505-891-5001
NM Roswell Dennis J. Kintigh 505-637-6201
NM Santa Fe Alan Webber 505-955-6590
NM Sunland Park Javier Perea 575-589-7565
NV Carson City Robert 'Bob' L. Crowell 775-887-2100
NV Henderson Debra March 702-267-2085
NV Las Vegas Carolyn G. Goodman 702-229-6241
NV North Las Vegas John J. Lee 702-633-1007
NV Reno Hillary Schieve 775-334-2001
NV Sparks Ron Smith 775-353-2311
NV West Wendover Daniel J Corona
NY Babylon Richard H. Schaffer 631-957-3072
NY Bethlehem David Vanluven 518-439-4955
NY Binghamton Richard C. David 607-772-7001
NY Buffalo Byron W. Brown 716-851-4841
NY Canandaigua Ellen Polimeni
NY Clarence Patrick Casilio 716-741-8930
NY Clifton Park Philip Barrett 518-371-6651
NY Cortlandt Linda D. Puglisi 914-734-1001
NY Dunkirk Wilfred Rosas
NY Eastchester Anthony S. Colavita 914-771-3301
NY Freeport Robert T. Kennedy 516-377-2252
NY Guilderland Peter G. Barber 518-356-1980
NY Hastings-on-Hudson Peter Swiderski
NY Haverstraw Howard T. Phillips Jr. 845-429-2200
NY Hempstead Don Ryan 516-478-6200
NY Henrietta Steve Schultz 585-359-7001
NY Huntington Chad Lupinacci 631-351-3030
NY Irondequoit David A. Seeley 585-336-6034
NY Islip Angie M. Carpenter 631-224-5500
NY Ithaca Svante L. Myrick 607-274-6501
NY Jamestown Edward A. Sundquist 716-483-7600
NY Kingston Steven T Noble
NY Long Beach Anthony Eramo 516-431-1000
NY Manlius Edmond J. Theobald 315-637-3414
NY Monroe Anthony Cardone III 845-637-6031
NY Mount Pleasant Carl Fulgenzi Jr. 914-742-2301
NY New Rochelle Noam Bramson 914-654-2150
NY New York Bill de Blasio 212-788-3000
NY Niagara Falls Robert Restaino 716-286-4310
NY North Tonawanda Arthur G. Pappas 716-695-8540
NY Orangetown Chris Day 845-359-5100
NY Oyster Bay Joseph S. Saladino 516-624-6350
NY Penfield Tony LaFountain 585-340-8631
NY Poughkeepsie Robert G. Rolison 845-451-4073
NY Riverhead Laura Jens-Smith 631-727-3200 x251
NY Rockville Centre Francis X. Murray 516-678-9260
NY Rye Joseph A Sack
NY Salina Mark A. Nicotra 315-457-6661
NY Saratoga Springs Joanne Yepsen
NY Schenectady Gary R. McCarthy 518-382-5000
NY Spring Valley Alan M. Simon 845-352-1100
NY Syracuse Ben Walsh 315-448-8005
NY Tonawanda Rick Davis 716-695-8645
NY Union Rick Materese 607-786-2930
NY Utica Robert Palmieri 315-792-0100
NY Valley Stream Edwin A. Fare 516-825-4200
NY Webster Ronald W. Nesbitt 585-872-1000
NY West Seneca Sheila M. Meegan 716-997-7200
NY White Plains Thomas M. Roach 914-422-1411
NY Yonkers Mike Spano 914-377-6300
NY Yorktown Ilan D. Gilbert 914-962-5722-ext.-200
OH Akron Dan Horrigan 330-375-2345
OH Bay Village Paul Koomer
OH Beavercreek Bob Stone 937-545-1442
OH Brunswick Ron Falconi 330-225-9144
OH Canton Thomas M. Bernabei 330-438-4307
OH Cincinnati John Cranley 513-352-3250
OH Cleveland Frank G. Jackson 216-664-3544
OH Cleveland Heights Jason S. Stein 440-253-9613
OH Columbus Andrew J. Ginther 614-645-7671
OH Cuyahoga Falls Don Walters 330-971-8200
OH Dayton Nan Whaley 937-333-3636
OH Delaware Carolyn Kay Riggle 740-815-5876
OH Dublin Chris Amorose Groomes 614-889-2682
OH Elyria Frank Whitfield 440-326-1550
OH Euclid Kirsten Holzheimer Gail 216-289-2751
OH Fairborn Paul Keller 937-754-3030
OH Findlay Christina Muryn 419-424-7137
OH Gahanna Laurie A. Jadwin 614-342-4047
OH Grove City Richard 'Ike' L. Stage 614-277-3000
OH Hamilton Pat Moeller 513-785-7040
OH Hilliard ???
OH Huber Heights Jeffrey Gore 937-985-6275
OH Kettering Don Patterson 937-296-2416
OH Lima David J. Berger 419-221-5202
OH Lockington Tracy Johnson 513-316-0453
OH Lorain Jack W. Bradley 440-204-2002
OH Mason Kathy Grossmann 513-229-8500
OH Massillon Kathy Catazaro-Perry 330-830-1700
OH Mentor John A. Krueger 440-487-9009
OH Middleburg Heights Gary W. Starr 440-234-8811
OH North Olmsted Kevin M. Kennedy 440-716-4140
OH North Ridgeville Kevin Corcoran 440-353-0811
OH North Royalton Larry Antoskiewicz 440-237-4300
OH Orange Village Kathy U. Mulcahy 440-498-4400
OH Parma Timothy J. DeGeeter 440-885-8001
OH Reynoldsburg Joe Begeny 614-322-6800
OH Shaker Heights David E. Weiss 216-491-1410
OH Stow John Pribonic 330-689-2800
OH Strongsville Thomas P. Perciak 440-580-3100
OH Toledo Wade Kapszukiewicz 419-245-1004
OH Trotwood Mary Ann McDonald 937-854-7212
OH Upper Arlington Kip Greenhill 614-457-3793
OH Warrensville Heights Bradley D. Sellers 216-587-6500
OH Westerville Craig Treneff 614-901-6410
OH Westlake Dennis M. Clough 440-617-4193
OH Woodlawn Brian K. Poole 513-771-6130
OH Woodmere Charles E. Smith Jr. 216-831-9511
OH Youngstown Jamael Tito Brown 330-742-8701
OK Bartlesville Dale Copeland 918-333-4488
OK Broken Arrow Craig Thurmond 918-259-8419
OK Edmond Daniel O'Neil 405-359-4640
OK Enid George Pankonin 580-234-1222
OK Lawton Stan Booker 580-581-3301
OK Midwest City Matt Dukes 405-739-1209
OK Moore Glenn Lewis 405-793-5000
OK Muskogee John 'Bob' Robert Coburn 918-684-6201
OK Norman Breea Clark 405-366-5402
OK Oklahoma City David Holt 405-297-2424
OK Owasso Chris Kelley 918-376-1500
OK Stillwater Will Joyce 405-372-0025
OK Tulsa G.T. Bynum 918-596-7411
OR Beaverton Denny Doyle 503-526-2497
OR Bend Sally Russell 541-388-5505
OR Corvallis Biff Traber 541-757-6985
OR Durham ???
OR Eugene Lucy K. Vinis 541-682-5010
OR Grants Pass Roy Lindsay 541-291-0346
OR Gresham Shane T. Bemis 503-661-3000
OR Happy Valley Tom Ellis 503-783-3800
OR Hillsboro Steve Callaway 503-681-6219
OR Keizer Cathy Clark 503-390-3700
OR Lake Oswego Kent Studebaker 503-635-0270
OR McMinnville Scott Hill 503-434-5547
OR Milwaukie Mark Gamba
OR Oregon City Dan Holladay 971-269-9471
OR Rivergrove Heather Kibbey
OR Salem Chuck Bennett 503-588-6255
OR Sandy Stan Pulliam 503-668-5533
OR Scappoose Scott Burge 503-543-7146
OR Springfield Christine Lundberg 541-726-3702
OR Tigard Jason B. Snider 503-718-2476
OR Troutdale Casey Ryan
OR Tualatin Lou Ogden 503-692-0163
OR West Linn Russell Axelrod
OR Wilsonville Tim Knapp
OR Wood Village Timothy Clark
PA Abington Wayne C. Luker 215-659-7964
PA Allentown Ray O'Connell 610-437-7546
PA Altoona Matt Pacifico 814-949-2405
PA Bensalem Joseph DiGirolamo 215-633-3603
PA Bethel Park Jack Allen 412-831-9923
PA Cheltenham Township Daniel B. Norris 215-635-0383
PA Chester Thaddeus Kirkland 610-447-7723
PA Downington Josh Maxwell
PA Easton Salvatore 'Sal' J. Panto, Jr. Jr. 610-250-6610
PA Erie Joe Schember 814-870-1200
PA Falls Township Robert Harvie 215-949-9000
PA Harrisburg Eric Papenfuse 717-255-3040
PA Haverford Township Andy Lewis 610-609-1902
PA Hempfield Township George Reese 724-834-7232
PA Lower Macungie Township Ronald W. Beitler 610-966-4343
PA Lower Makefield Township Daniel R. Grenier 267-274-1191
PA Lower Merion Township Daniel S. Bernheim Esq. 610-649-6931
PA Lower Paxton Township Lowman S. Henry 717-657-5600
PA Millcreek Township John Groh 814-833-1111
PA Mount Lebanon Steve Silverman 412-491-3794
PA North Huntingdon Township Zachary Haigis 724-396-1122
PA Northampton Township Barry Moore 215-357-6800
PA Penn Hills Pauline Calabrese 412-798-0579
PA Philadelphia Jim Kenney 215-686-2190
PA Pittsburgh William Peduto 412-255-2626
PA Radnor Township Lisa Borowski 610-355-0611
PA Reading Eddie Moran 610-655-6234
PA Ridley Township Robert J. Willert 610-534-4806
PA Scranton Paige G. Cognetti 570-348-4101
PA State College Ronald L. Filippelli 814-234-7110
PA Upper Darby Township Barbarann Keffer 610-352-4103
PA Warminster Township Jason T. Croley 215-443-5414
PA Wilkes-Barre George C. Brown 570-208-4158
PA Wilkinsburg Marita Garrett 412-287-2551
PA York Michael Helfrich 717-849-2221
RI Central Falls James A. Diossa 401-727-7474
RI Coventry Kerry L. McGee 401-821-1228
RI Cranston Allan W. Fung 401-780-3110
RI Cumberland Jeffrey J. Mutter 401-728-2400
RI East Providence Roberto DaSilva 401-323-8641
RI North Providence Charles A. Lombardi 401-232-0900
RI Pawtucket Donald R. Grebien 401-728-0500
RI Providence Jorge O. Elorza 401-421-2489
RI South Kingstown Abel G. Collins 401-789-9331 x1201
RI Warwick Joseph J. Solomon 401-738-2000
RI Woonsocket Lisa Baldelli-Hunt 401-762-6400
SC Aiken Rick Osbon 803-642-7600
SC Anderson Terence Roberts 864-231-2200
SC Arcadia Lakes Mark Huguley
SC Belton Tiffany R. Ownbey 864-338-7773
SC Bluffton Lisa Sulka
SC Camden Alfred Mae Drakeford 803-432-2421
SC Cayce Elise Partin 803-796-9020
SC Goose Creek Gregory Habib 843-797-6220
SC Hilton Head Island John J. McCann 843-341-4702
SC Myrtle Beach Brenda Bethune 843-918-1004
SC North Charleston R Keith Summey 843-740-2504
SC Orangeburg Michael C. Butler 803-533-6000
SC Rock Hill John Gettys 803-329-7011
SC Spartanburg Junie L. White 864-596-2033
SC Summerville Ricky Waring 843-851-4239
SC Sumter Joseph T. McElveen Jr. 803-436-2580
SD Pierre Laurie Gill 605-773-7341
SD Rapid City Steve Allender 605-394-4110
SD Sioux Falls Paul TenHaken 605-367-8800
TN Bartlett Keith McDonald 901-385-6400
TN Brentwood Rhea Little III 615-571-2628
TN Chattanooga Andy Berke 423-643-7800
TN Clarksville Joe Pitts 931-645-7444
TN Collierville Stan R. Joyner Jr. 901-457-2200
TN Cookeville Ricky Shelton 931-520-5241
TN Franklin Ken Moore 615-791-3217
TN Gallatin Paige Brown 615-451-5961
TN Germantown Mike Palazzolo 901-757-7201
TN Hendersonville Jamie Clary 615-822-1000
TN Johnson City Jenny Brock 423-791-1262
TN Kingsport Patrick W. Shull 423-229-9412
TN Knoxville Indya Kincannon 865-215-2040
TN La Vergne Jason Cole 615-308-3565
TN Memphis Jim Strickland 901-636-6786
TN Murfreesboro Shane McFarland 615-849-2629
TN Nashville John Cooper 615-862-6000
TN Spring Hill Rick Graham 931-486-2252
TX Abilene Anthony Williams 325-676-6205
TX Allen Debbie Stout 214-509-4120
TX Amarillo Ginger Nelson 806-378-3010
TX Austin Steve Adler 512-978-2100
TX Baytown Brandon Capetillo 281-420-6550
TX Beaumont Becky Ames 409-880-3736
TX Bedford Jim Griffin 817-952-2108
TX Brownsville Trey Mendez 956-546-7159
TX Bryan Andrew Nelson 979-209-5008
TX Burleson Ken Shetter 817-426-9662
TX Carrollton Kevin Falconer 972-466-3001
TX Cedar Hill Stephen Mason 972-291-8450
TX Cedar Park Corbin Van Arsdale 512-964-1633
TX Cibolo Stan "Stosh" Boyle 210-658-9900
TX Cleburne Scott Cain 817-645-0900
TX College Station Karl Mooney 979-200-9748
TX Conroe Toby Powell 936-522-3010
TX Coppell Karen Hunt 972-304-3669
TX Copperas Cove Bradi Diaz 254-547-4221
TX Corpus Christi Joe McComb 361-826-3100
TX Crystal City Frank Moreno Junior 830-448-9444
TX Dallas Eric Johnson 214-670-0773
TX Deer Park Jerry Mouton Jr. 281-478-7241
TX Del Rio Bruno 'Ralphy' Lozano 830-774-8790
TX Denton Chris Watts 940-349-7717
TX DeSoto Curtistene Smith McCowan 972-230-9664
TX Duncanville Barry L. Gordon 972-780-5017
TX Eagle Pass Ramsey English Cantu 830-773-1111
TX Edinburg Richard Molina 956-383-5661
TX El Paso Dee Margo 915-212-0021
TX Euless Linda Lipp Martin 817-685-1437
TX Farmers Branch Robert C. Dye 972-919-2503
TX Flower Mound Steve Dixon 972-874.6067
TX Fort Worth Betsy Price 817-392-6118
TX Friendswood Mike Foreman 281-996-3270
TX Frisco Jeff Cheney 972-292-5050
TX Galveston James D. Yarbrough 409-797-3510
TX Garland Lori Barnett Dodson 972-205-2400
TX Georgetown Dale Ross 512-930-3651
TX Grand Prairie Ron Jensen 972-237-8022
TX Grapevine William 'Bill' D. Tate 817-410-3105
TX Haltom City An Truong 817-222-7700
TX Harlingen Chris Boswell 956-428-9191
TX Hidalgo Sergio Coronado 956-843-2286
TX Houston Sylvester Turner 832-393-1000
TX Huntsville Andy Brauninger 936-291-5403
TX Hurst Henry Wilson 817-980-2577
TX Hutto Doug Gaul 512-759-4033
TX Irving Rick Stopfer 972-721-2410
TX Keller Pat McGrail 817-743-4007
TX Killeen Jose L. Segarra 254-368-7991
TX Kyle Travis Mitchell 512-944-0948
TX La Porte Louis Rigby 281-471-5020
TX Lancaster Clyde Hairston 972-218-1300
TX Laredo Pete Saenz 956-791-7400
TX League City Pat Hallisey 281-910-0182
TX Leander Troy Hill 512-528-2700
TX Lewisville Rudy Durham 972-219-3404
TX Little Elm David Hillock 214-975-0402
TX Longview Andy Mack 903-237-1022
TX Lubbock Dan Pope 806-775-2010
TX Lufkin Bob Brown 936-633-0244
TX Mansfield David L. Cook 817-276-4204
TX McAllen James E. Darling 956-681-1020
TX McKinney George Fuller 972-547-7507
TX Mesquite Bruce Archer 972-216-6400
TX Mission Armando Ocana 956-580-8662
TX Missouri City Yolanda Ford 281-403-8500
TX Nacogdoches Shelley Brophy 936-559-2900
TX New Braunfels Barron Casteel 830-832-6899
TX North Richland Hills Oscar Trevino 817-427-6060
TX Odessa David Turner 432-335-4104
TX Pasadena Jeff A. Wagner 713-475-5501
TX Pearland Tom Reid 281-652-1654
TX Pflugerville Victor Gonzales 512-990-6101
TX Pharr Ambrosio 'Amos' Hernandez 956-702-5335
TX Plano Harry LaRosiliere 972-941-7107
TX Port Arthur Thurman 'Bill' Bartie 409-983-8105
TX Richardson Paul Voelker 972-744-4203
TX Rockwall Jim Pruitt 972-771-7700
TX Rosenberg William 'Bill' T. Benton 832-595-3340
TX Round Rock Craig Morgan 512-218-5400
TX Rowlett Tammy Dana-Bashian 972-412-6115
TX San Angelo Brenda Gunter 325-450-8734
TX San Antonio Ron Nirenberg 210-207-7060
TX San Juan Mario Garza 956-223-2200
TX San Marcos Jane Hughson 512-781-8538
TX Schertz Ralph Gutierrez 210-619-1000
TX Sherman David Plyler 903-813-2042
TX Socorro Elia Garcia 915-208-9612
TX Sugar Land Joe R. Zimmerman 281-275-2700
TX Temple William A. Jones III 254-298-2951
TX Texas City Matthew 'Matt' T. Doyle 409-643-5902
TX The Colony Joe McCourry 972-624-4440
TX Tyler Martin Heines 903-531-1250
TX Victoria Rawley McCoy 361-485-3030
TX Waco Kyle Deaver 254-750-5750
TX Waxahachie Kevin Strength 469-309-4000
TX Weslaco David Suarez 956-968-3181
TX Wichita Falls Stephen L. Santellana 940-761-7404
TX Wylie Eric Hogue 972-516-6010
UT American Fork Brad Frost 801-763-3000
UT Bountiful Randy Lewis 801-298-6146
UT Cedar City Maile Wilson Edwards 435-586-2950
UT Clearfield Mark R. Shepherd 801-388-8143
UT Cottonwood Heights Mike Peterson 801-944-7087
UT Draper Troy K. Walker 801-576-6513
UT Kearns Paula Larsen 801-963-9150
UT Layton Scott Freitag 801-336-3801
UT Lehi Mark I. Johnson 801-768-7100
UT Logan Holly H. Daines 435-716-9002
UT Midvale Robert M. Hale 801-567-7204
UT Millcreek Jeff Silvestrini 801-214-2705
UT Moab Emily S. Niehaus 435-259-5121
UT Murray D. Blair Camp 801-264-2600
UT Ogden Mike Caldwell 801-629-8111
UT Orem Richard Brunst 801-226-0151
UT Pleasant Grove Guy L. Fugal 801-785-5045
UT Provo Michelle G. Kaufusi 801-852-6100
UT Riverton Trent Staggs 801-208-3129
UT Roy Robert E. Dandoy 801-985-9220
UT Salt Lake City Erin J. Mendenhall 801-535-7704
UT Sandy City Kurt Bradburn 801-568-7109
UT South Jordan Dawn R. Ramsey 801-254-6741
UT Spanish Fork Steve Leifson 801-804-4500
UT Springville Richard J. Child 801-489-2700
UT St. George Jon Pike 435-674-4253
UT Taylorsville Kristie Steadman Overson 801-963-5400
UT Tooele Debbie Winn 435-843-2104
UT West Jordan Jim Riding 801-569-5100
UT West Valley City Ron Bigelow 801-963-3373
VA Blacksburg Leslie Hager-Smith 540-961-1148
VA Charlottesville Nikuyah Walker 434-970-3113
VA Chesapeake Richard 'Rick' W. West 757-436-1915
VA Danville Alonzo Jones 434-250-3231
VA Hampton Donnie R. Tuck 757-727-6315
VA Harrisonburg Deanna R. Reed 540-432-7701
VA Leesburg Kelly Burk 703-771-0996
VA Lynchburg Treney Tweedy 434-856-2489
VA Manassas Harry 'Hal' J. Parrish II 703-257-8213
VA Newport News McKinley L. Price DDS 757-926-8403
VA Norfolk Kenneth Cooper Alexander 757-664-4679
VA Petersburg Samuel Parham 804-733-2323
VA Portsmouth John L. Rowe Jr. 757-393-8639
VA Roanoke Sherman P. Lea Sr. 540-853-2444
VA Suffolk Linda T. Johnson 757-514-4018
VA Virginia Beach Robert 'Bobby' M. Dyer 757-385-4581
VT Montpelier John Hollar 802-223-9502
WA Auburn Nancy Backus 253-931-3041
WA Bellevue Lynne Robinson 425-452-7810
WA Bellingham Seth Fleetwood 360-778-8100
WA Bothell Liam Olsen 425-299-7081
WA Bremerton Greg Wheeler 360-473-5266
WA Burien Jimmy Matta 206-248-5508
WA Des Moines Matt Pina 206-824-8216
WA Edmonds Mike Nelson 425-771-0247
WA Federal Way Jim Ferrell 253-835-7000
WA Issaquah Mary Lou Pauly 425-837-3020
WA Kennewick Don Britain 509-430-4178
WA Kent Dana Ralph 253-856-5700
WA Kirkland Penny Sweet 425-587-3534
WA Lacey Andy Ryder 360-349-3133
WA Lynnwood Nicola Smith 425-775-1971
WA Marysville Jon Nehring 360363-8000
WA Mount Vernon Jill Boudreau 360-336-6211
WA Mukilteo Jennifer Gregerson 425-263-8018
WA Olympia Cheryl L. Selby 360-753-8447
WA Pasco Saul Martinez 509-545-3404
WA Pullman Glenn A. Johnson 509-338-3316
WA Puyallup Julie Door 253-320-5826
WA Redmond Angela Birney 425-556-2101
WA Renton Armondo Pavone 425-430-6500
WA Richland Ryan Lukson 509-946-5116
WA Sammamish Karen Moran 425-392-1412
WA Seattle Jenny A. Durkan 206-684-4000
WA Shoreline Will Hall 206-373-1630
WA Spokane Nadine Woodward 509-625-6250
WA Spokane Valley Ben Wick 509-720-5065
WA Tacoma Victoria Woodards 253-591-5100
WA Tukwila Allan Ekberg 206-433-1850
WA University Place Caroline Belleci 253-682-7379
WA Vancouver Anne McEnerny-Ogle 360-487-8629
WA Walla Walla Tom Scribner 509-527-4522
WA Wenatchee Frank J. Kuntz 509-888-6204
WA Yakima Patricia Byers 509-901-9114
WI Appleton Jake Woodford 920-832-6400
WI Ashland Deb Lewis 715-682-7033
WI Beloit Regina Dunkin 608-364-4525
WI Brookfield Steven 'Steve' V. Ponto 262-787-3525
WI Eau Claire Kerry Kincaid 715-839-4902
WI Fond du Lac Brian Kolstad 920-238-6005
WI Green Bay Eric Genrich 920-448-3005
WI Greenfield Michael J. Neitzke 414-329-5200
WI Janesville Richard Gruber 608-373-6016
WI Kenosha John Martin Antaramian 262-653-4000
WI La Crosse Tim Kabat 608-789-7500
WI Manitowoc Justin Nickels 920-686-6980
WI Menomonee Falls Dave Glasgow 262-532-4240
WI Milwaukee Thomas 'Tom' Barrett 414-286-2200
WI New Berlin David Ament 262-797-2441
WI Oak Creek Daniel Bukiewicz 414-768-6500
WI Oshkosh Lori Palmeri 920-235-1116
WI Racine Cory Mason 262-636-9111
WI Sheboygan Michael Vandersteen 920-459-3317
WI Sun Prairie Paul T. Esser 608-825-1164
WI Waukesha Shawn N. Reilly 262-524-3700
WI Wausau Katie Rosenberg 715-261-6800
WI Wauwatosa Dennis McBride 414-479-8915
WI West Allis Dan Devine 414-302-8290
WI West Bend Chris Jenkins 262-335-5111
WI Wisconsin Rapids Shane E. Blaser 715-421-8216
WV Charleston Amy Goodwin 304-348-8033
WV Morgantown Bill Kawecki 304-296-2090
WV Parkersburg Tom Joyce 304-424-8420
WV Wheeling Glenn F. Elliott Jr. 304-234-3604
WY Casper Steve Freel 307-259-1276
WY Cheyenne Marian J. Orr 307-637-6300
WY Gillette Louise Carter-King 307-686-5203
WY Laramie Joe Shumway 307-742-9951

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