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US Senate Ethics Committee

Reporting runaway Senators to the United States Senate Ethics Committee is one way, as a US Citizen, to show our Government that we are, in fact, paying attention.

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Reporting runaway Senators to the United States Senate Ethics Committee is one way, as a US Citizen, to show our Government that we are, in fact, paying attention.

Use the publicly available contact information below to call, voicemail, email, or even fax an ethics complaint to our Senate Ethics Committee Members, who have the jurisdiction and the ability to investigate and punish those in the Senate who are breaking the law.

According to the Rules, you may remain anonymous, but you should submit the appropriate documents or whatever you might have as evidence (including news media links).

URL: US Senate Ethics Committee Official Website

Total Members: 6

Majority Members (3)Minority Members (3)
Lankford, James (OK), Chairman
Roberts, Pat (KS)
Risch, James E. (ID)
Coons, Christopher A. (DE), Vice Chairman
Schatz, Brian (HI)
Shaheen, Jeanne (NH)

Mailing Address:
220 Hart Building
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510

Telephone: (202) 224-2981
Fax: (202) 224-7416

US Senate Ethics Committee Jurisdiction

Quoting from the
“RULES OF PROCEDURE SELECT COMMITTEE ON ETHICS ADOPTED FEBRUARY 23, 1978 Revised November 1999 Reprinted January 2015”:

Complaints, allegations, and information to be reported to the Committee may be obtained from a variety of sources, including but not limited to the following:

1) sworn complaints, defined as a written statement of facts, submitted under penalty of perjury, within the personal knowledge of the complainant alleging a violation of law, the Senate Code of Official Conduct, or any other rule or regulation of the Senate relating to the conduct of individuals in the performance of their duties as members, officers, or employees of the Senate;

(2) anonymous or informal complaints;

(3) information developed during a study or inquiry by the Committee or other committees or subcommittees of the Senate, including information obtained in connection with legislative or general oversight hearings;

(4) information reported by the news media; or

(5) information obtained from any individual, agency or department of the executive branch of the Federal Government.

(c) FORM AND CONTENT OF COMPLAINTS: A complaint need not be sworn nor must it be in any particular form to receive Committee consideration, but the preferred complaint will:

(1) state, whenever possible, the name, address, and telephone number of the party filing the complaint;

(2) provide the name of each member, officer or employee of the Senate who is specifically alleged to have engaged in improper conduct or committed a violation;

(3) state the nature of the alleged improper conduct or violation;

(4) supply all documents in the possession of the party filing the complaint relevant to or in support of his or her allegations as an attachment to the complaint…”

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